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  • RileyMitchell

    Posted the thread List of Hockey champions.
    1971 - Pakistan
    1973 - Netherlands
    1975 - India
    1978 - Pakistan
    1982 - Pakistan
    1986 - Australia
    1990 - Netherlands
    1994 - Pakistan
    1998 - Netherlands
    2002 - Germany
    2006 - Germany
    2010 - Australia
    2014 - Australia
  • DMT

    Posted the thread nce ancient.

    Since ancient times Tapestries have been used to adorn homes and important buildings. Many historians believe Tapestries even covered the walls of the famous Parthenon in Greece. Tapestries have been a favored by the Church Adoree' Jackson Titans

  • BionicAdmin

    Replied to the thread Is this site dead?.
    Well, if the site would be dead, asking for a refund would be redundant ;-)

    But no, neither the site is dead nor did we abandon the game.

    Bionic Salmon
  • BionicAdmin

    Replied to the thread Any updates?.
    You are absolutely correct. We will post some updates soon.
    Sorry for the delay.

    Bionic Salmon
  • smarleau75

    Posted the thread Is this site dead?.
    I want to know if I should try and get a refund.
  • smarleau75

    Posted the thread Any updates?.
    How is development going? Could you please give us a timeline on the release? I'm a pretty patient guy but you are not very active when it comes to updates and the game has been delayed for years.
  • Thierry Roy

    Replied to the thread Hockey Universe 2016 packs.
    impossible avoir les packs ..... cest assez compliqué!

    Peut-on avoir un lien simple et direct!


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