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    I am sorry, I think there has been some confusion here.

    We are offering a multiplayer game for online hosted league in French only. It is based on an old technology we developed in the past and available from the website.

    For the last year or so, we have been working on a new simulator, that will be available in French, English and German. At this point, it only has the local multiplayer option (hot seat). We definitely want to add the online league feature at one point, but we can't establish a timeframe for it at this time.

    J'aurais besoin des numéros de joueurs suivants:


    Jack Badini, C, Anaheim Ducks, 1998-01-19 Matthew Berkovitz, D, Anaheim Ducks, 1996-02-16 Maxime Comtois, LW, Anaheim Ducks, 1999-01-08 Giovanni Fiore, LW, Anaheim Ducks, 1996-08-13 Brent Gates, C, Anaheim Ducks, 1997-08-12 Mitch Hults, C, Anaheim Ducks, 1994-11-13 Antoine Morand, C, Anaheim Ducks, 1999-02-18 Kyle Olson, RW, Anaheim Ducks, 1999-03-22 Andre Petersson, RW, Anaheim Ducks, 1990-09-11 Marcus Pettersson, D, Anaheim Ducks, 1996-05-08 Steven Ruggiero, D, Anaheim Ducks, 1997-01-01 Scott Sabourin, RW, Anaheim Ducks, 1992-07-30 Troy Terry, C, Anaheim Ducks, 1997-09-10 Cameron Crotty, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1999-05-05 Jason Demers, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1988-06-09 Mackenzie Entwistle, RW, Arizona Coyotes, 1999-07-14 Jared Fiegl, LW, Arizona Coyotes, 1996-01-23 Brandon Hickey, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1996-04-13 Noel Hoefenmayer, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1999-01-06 Pierre-Olivier Joseph, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1999-07-01 Anton Karlsson, LW, Arizona Coyotes, 1996-08-03 Michael Karow, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1998-12-18 Clayton Keller, C, Arizona Coyotes, 1998-07-29 Mario Kempe, C, Arizona Coyotes, 1988-09-19 Patrick Kudla, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1996-04-02 Jens Looke, RW, Arizona Coyotes, 1997-04-11 Lane Pederson, C, Arizona Coyotes, 1997-08-04 Nate Schnarr, C, Arizona Coyotes, 1999-02-25 Jalen Smereck, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1997-01-15 Tyler Steenbergen, C, Arizona Coyotes, 1998-01-07 Dean Stewart, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1998-06-12 Erik Walli-Walterholm, RW, Arizona Coyotes, 1999-02-27 Filip Westerlund, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1999-04-17 David Westlund, D, Arizona Coyotes, 1995-02-05 Jack Becker, C, Boston Bruins, 1997-06-24 Victor Berglund, D, Boston Bruins, 1999-08-02 Anders Bjork, LW, Boston Bruins, 1996-08-05 Daniel Bukac, D, Boston Bruins, 1999-04-29 Peter Cehlarik, LW, Boston Bruins, 1995-08-02 Cameron Clarke, D, Boston Bruins, 1996-05-15 Ryan Donato, C, Boston Bruins, 1996-04-09 Ryan Fitzgerald, C, Boston Bruins, 1994-10-19 Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson, C, Boston Bruins, 1996-10-31 Trent Frederic, C, Boston Bruins, 1998-02-11 Jesse Gabrielle, LW, Boston Bruins, 1997-06-17 Matthew Grzelcyk, D, Boston Bruins, 1994-01-05 Cameron Hughes, C, Boston Bruins, 1996-10-09 Emil Johansson, D, Boston Bruins, 1996-05-06 Joona Koppanen, LW, Boston Bruins, 1998-02-25 Jeremy Lauzon, D, Boston Bruins, 1997-04-28 Ryan Lindgren, D, Boston Bruins, 1998-02-11 Charlie McAvoy, D, Boston Bruins, 1997-12-21 Cedric Pare, C, Boston Bruins, 1999-01-24 Zachary Senyshyn, RW, Boston Bruins, 1997-03-30 Wiley Sherman, D, Boston Bruins, 1995-05-24 Oskar Steen, C, Boston Bruins, 1998-03-09 Jack Studnicka, C, Boston Bruins, 1999-02-18 Urho Vaakanainen, D, Boston Bruins, 1999-01-01 Viktor Antipin, D, Buffalo Sabres, 1992-12-06 Rasmus Asplund, C, Buffalo Sabres, 1997-12-03 William Borgen, D, Buffalo Sabres, 1996-12-19 Chris Brown, C, Buffalo Sabres, 1996-02-22 Jacob Bryson, D, Buffalo Sabres, 1997-11-18 Ivan Chukarov, D, Buffalo Sabres, 1995-04-03 Kyle Criscuolo, C, Buffalo Sabres, 1992-05-05 Marcus Davidsson, C, Buffalo Sabres, 1998-11-18 Casey Fitzgerald, D, Buffalo Sabres, 1997-02-25 Connor Hurley, C, Buffalo Sabres, 1995-09-15 Oskari Laaksonen, D, Buffalo Sabres, 1999-07-02 Sean Malone, C, Buffalo Sabres, 1995-04-30 Casey Mittelstadt, C, Buffalo Sabres, 1998-11-22 Brett Murray, LW, Buffalo Sabres, 1998-07-20 Philip Nyberg, D, Buffalo Sabres, 1997-04-27 Victor Olofsson, RW, Buffalo Sabres, 1995-07-18 Judd Peterson, C, Buffalo Sabres, 1993-09-27 C.J. Smith, C, Buffalo Sabres, 1994-12-01 Linus Weissbach, LW, Buffalo Sabres, 1998-04-19 Maxwell Willman, C, Buffalo Sabres, 1995-02-13 Zach Fischer, RW, Calgary Flames, 1997-07-19 Spencer Foo, RW, Calgary Flames, 1994-05-19 Adam Fox, D, Calgary Flames, 1998-02-17 Josh Healey, D, Calgary Flames, 1994-07-12 D'Artagnan Joly, RW, Calgary Flames, 1999-04-07 Linus Lindstrom, C, Calgary Flames, 1998-01-08 Ryan Lomberg, LW, Calgary Flames, 1994-12-09 Mitchell Mattson, C, Calgary Flames, 1998-01-02 Adam Ollas-Mattsson, D, Calgary Flames, 1996-07-30 Rushan Rafikov, D, Calgary Flames, 1995-05-15 Adam Ruzicka, C, Calgary Flames, 1999-05-11 Filip Sveningsson, LW, Calgary Flames, 1999-07-03 Juuso Valimaki, D, Calgary Flames, 1998-10-06 David Cotton, C, Carolina Hurricanes, 1997-07-09 Brendan De Jong, D, Carolina Hurricanes, 1998-03-23 Matt Filipe, C, Carolina Hurricanes, 1997-12-31 Morgan Geekie, C, Carolina Hurricanes, 1998-07-20 Eetu Luostarinen, C, Carolina Hurricanes, 1998-09-02 Luke Martin, D, Carolina Hurricanes, 1998-09-20 Stelio Mattheos, C, Carolina Hurricanes, 1999-06-14 Martin Necas, RW, Carolina Hurricanes, 1999-01-15 Ville Rasanen, D, Carolina Hurricanes, 1998-10-08 Aleksi Saarela, C, Carolina Hurricanes, 1997-01-07 Luke Stevens, LW, Carolina Hurricanes, 1997-02-11 Trevor van Riemsdyk, D, Carolina Hurricanes, 1991-07-24 Max Zimmer, LW, Carolina Hurricanes, 1997-10-29 Andrei Altybarmakyan, RW, Chicago Blackhawks, 1998-08-04 Evan Barratt, C, Chicago Blackhawks, 1999-02-18 Lucas Carlsson, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1997-07-05 Liam Coughlin, C, Chicago Blackhawks, 1994-09-19 Joshua Ess, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1999-04-03 Parker Foo, LW, Chicago Blackhawks, 1998-09-12 Mathias From, LW, Chicago Blackhawks, 1997-12-16 Jakub Galvas, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1999-06-15 Dennis Gilbert, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1996-10-30 John Hayden, C, Chicago Blackhawks, 1995-02-14 Matthew Highmore, C, Chicago Blackhawks, 1996-02-27 Blake Hillman, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1996-01-26 Matt Iacopelli, RW, Chicago Blackhawks, 1994-05-15 Henri Jokiharju, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1999-06-17 David Kampf, C, Chicago Blackhawks, 1995-01-12 Artur Kayumov, LW, Chicago Blackhawks, 1998-02-14 Chad Krys, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1998-04-10 Roope Laavainen, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1998-08-23 Anthony Louis, C, Chicago Blackhawks, 1995-02-10 Jake Massie, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1997-01-21 Ian Mitchell, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1999-01-18 Frederik Olofsson, LW, Chicago Blackhawks, 1996-05-27 Jack Ramsey, RW, Chicago Blackhawks, 1995-11-02 Jan Rutta, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1990-07-29 Jake Ryczek, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1998-03-19 Maxim Shalunov, RW, Chicago Blackhawks, 1993-01-31 Ryan Shea, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1997-02-11 Dylan Sikura, C, Chicago Blackhawks, 1995-06-01 Luc Snuggerud, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1995-09-18 Andreas Soderberg, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1996-06-16 Tim Soderlund, C, Chicago Blackhawks, 1998-01-23 Beau Starrett, C, Chicago Blackhawks, 1995-11-01 Joni Tuulola, D, Chicago Blackhawks, 1996-01-01 Nathan Clurman, D, Colorado Avalanche, 1998-05-08 Nick Henry, RW, Colorado Avalanche, 1999-07-04 Tyson Jost, C, Colorado Avalanche, 1998-03-14 Alexander Kerfoot, RW, Colorado Avalanche, 1994-08-11 Nick Leivermann, D, Colorado Avalanche, 1998-09-14 Ty Lewis, LW, Colorado Avalanche, 1998-03-05 Cale Makar, D, Colorado Avalanche, 1998-10-30 Andrei Mironov, D, Colorado Avalanche, 1994-07-29 Cameron Morrison, C, Colorado Avalanche, 1998-08-27 Igor Shvyrev, C, Colorado Avalanche, 1998-07-10 Denis Smirnov, RW, Colorado Avalanche, 1997-08-12 Conor Timmins, D, Colorado Avalanche, 1998-09-18 Dominic Toninato, C, Colorado Avalanche, 1994-03-09 Emil Bemstrom, C, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1999-06-01 Andre Benoit, D, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1984-01-06 Tyler Bird, RW, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1996-08-14 Ryan Collins, D, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1996-05-06 Jonathan Davidsson, RW, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1997-03-12 Vladislav Gavrikov, D, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1995-11-21 Jacob Graves, D, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1995-03-28 Kale Howarth, LW, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1997-06-10 Carson Meyer, RW, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1997-08-18 Andrew Peeke, D, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1998-03-17 Kevin Stenlund, C, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1996-09-20 Robbie Stucker, D, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1998-09-30 Alexandre Texier, C, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1999-09-13 Sam Vigneault, C, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1995-09-07 Gavin Bayreuther, D, Dallas Stars, 1994-05-12 Nicholas Caamano, RW, Dallas Stars, 1998-09-07 Joseph Cecconi, D, Dallas Stars, 1997-05-23 Brett Davis, RW, Dallas Stars, 1999-06-01 Rhett Gardner, C, Dallas Stars, 1996-02-28 Niklas Hansson, D, Dallas Stars, 1995-01-08 Liam Hawel, C, Dallas Stars, 1999-04-18 Miro Heiskanen, D, Dallas Stars, 1999-07-18 Roope Hintz, LW, Dallas Stars, 1996-11-17 Miro Karjalainen, D, Dallas Stars, 1996-05-23 Fredrik Karlstrom, C, Dallas Stars, 1998-01-12 John Nyberg, D, Dallas Stars, 1996-07-14 Jacob Peterson, C, Dallas Stars, 1999-07-19 Michael Prapavessis, D, Dallas Stars, 1996-01-07 Jason Robertson, LW, Dallas Stars, 1999-07-22 Jakob Stenqvist, D, Dallas Stars, 1998-03-17 Riley Tufte, LW, Dallas Stars, 1998-04-10 Ondrej Vala, D, Dallas Stars, 1998-04-13 Jack Adams, RW, Detroit Red Wings, 1997-02-05 Adam Almquist, D, Detroit Red Wings, 1991-02-27 David Booth, LW, Detroit Red Wings, 1984-11-24 Dennis Cholowski, D, Detroit Red Wings, 1998-02-15 Christoffer Ehn, C, Detroit Red Wings, 1996-04-05 Mattias Elfstrom, C, Detroit Red Wings, 1997-01-08 Cole Fraser, D, Detroit Red Wings, 1999-08-23 Zach Gallant, C, Detroit Red Wings, 1999-03-06 Brady Gilmour, C, Detroit Red Wings, 1999-04-18 Axel Holmstrom, C, Detroit Red Wings, 1996-06-29 Patrick Holway, D, Detroit Red Wings, 1996-10-01 Alexander Kadeykin, C, Detroit Red Wings, 1993-10-04 Kasper Kotkansalo, D, Detroit Red Wings, 1998-11-16 Gustav Lindstrom, D, Detroit Red Wings, 1998-10-20 Alfons Malmstrom, D, Detroit Red Wings, 1998-06-12 Chase Pearson, C, Detroit Red Wings, 1997-08-23 David Pope, LW, Detroit Red Wings, 1994-09-27 Michael Rasmussen, C, Detroit Red Wings, 1999-04-17 Malte Setkov, D, Detroit Red Wings, 1999-01-14 Libor Sulak, D, Detroit Red Wings, 1994-03-04 Julius Vahatalo, LW, Detroit Red Wings, 1995-03-23 Reilly Webb, D, Detroit Red Wings, 1999-05-04 Lane Zablocki, RW, Detroit Red Wings, 1998-12-27 Filip Berglund, D, Edmonton Oilers, 1997-05-10 Skyler Brind'Amour, C, Edmonton Oilers, 1999-07-27 Matthew Cairns, D, Edmonton Oilers, 1998-04-27 Evan Campbell, LW, Edmonton Oilers, 1993-03-01 Vincent Desharnais, D, Edmonton Oilers, 1996-05-29 Joseph Gambardella, C, Edmonton Oilers, 1993-12-01 Roman Horak, C, Edmonton Oilers, 1991-05-21 Philip Kemp, D, Edmonton Oilers, 1999-02-12 William Lagesson, D, Edmonton Oilers, 1996-02-22 Kirill Maksimov, RW, Edmonton Oilers, 1999-06-01 John Marino, D, Edmonton Oilers, 1997-05-21 Graham McPhee, LW, Edmonton Oilers, 1998-07-24 Aidan Muir, LW, Edmonton Oilers, 1995-08-21 Ziyat Paigin, D, Edmonton Oilers, 1995-02-08 Aapeli Rasanen, C, Edmonton Oilers, 1998-06-01 Ostap Safin, RW, Edmonton Oilers, 1999-02-11 Dmitri Samorukov, D, Edmonton Oilers, 1999-06-16 Tyler Vesel, C, Edmonton Oilers, 1994-04-14 Kailer Yamamoto, RW, Edmonton Oilers, 1998-09-29 Konrad Abeltshauser, D, FA, 1992-09-02 Will Acton, C, FA, 1987-07-16 Mark Adams, D, FA, 1991-05-23 Maxim Afinogenov, RW, FA, 1979-09-04 Jonas Ahnelov, D, FA, 1987-12-11 Jason Akeson, RW, FA, 1990-06-03 Paul Albers, D, FA, 1985-10-15 Johan Alcen, LW, FA, 1988-03-11 Yuri Alexandrov, D, FA, 1988-06-24 Akim Aliu, RW, FA, 1989-04-24 Conor Allen, D, FA, 1990-01-31 Cody Almond, C, FA, 1989-07-24 Matt Anderson, RW, FA, 1982-10-31 Peter Andersson, D, FA, 1991-04-13 Sergey Andronov, LW, FA, 1989-07-19 Bryce Aneloski, D, FA, 1990-04-27 Steven Anthony, LW, FA, 1991-03-21 Marko Anttila, RW, FA, 1985-05-27 Olivier Archambault, LW, FA, 1993-02-16 Darren Archibald, LW, FA, 1990-02-09 John Armstrong, C, FA, 1988-02-26 Jamie Arniel, C, FA, 1989-11-16 Scott Arnold, LW, FA, 1989-06-23 Evgeny Artyukhin, LW, FA, 1983-04-04 Mathieu Aubin, C, FA, 1986-09-18 Keith Aucoin, C, FA, 1978-11-06 Chris Auger, C, FA, 1987-12-16 Keith Aulie, D, FA, 1989-06-11 Gage Ausmus, D, FA, 1995-04-22 Alexander Avtsin, RW, FA, 1991-03-19 Anton Axelsson, LW, FA, 1986-01-16 Dick Axelsson, LW, FA, 1987-04-25 Justin Azevedo, C, FA, 1988-04-01 Sean Backman, RW, FA, 1986-04-29 Zdenek Bahensky, RW, FA, 1986-01-03 Casey Bailey, RW, FA, 1991-10-27 Kyle Bailey, C, FA, 1986-10-15 Lee Baldwin, D, FA, 1988-04-26 Jozef Balej, RW, FA, 1982-02-22 Carter Bancks, LW, FA, 1989-08-09 Daniel Bang, LW, FA, 1987-04-19 Ivan Baranka, D, FA, 1985-05-19 Michal Barinka, D, FA, 1984-06-12 Cam Barker, D, FA, 1986-04-04 Scott Barney, RW, FA, 1979-03-27 Milan Bartovic, RW, FA, 1981-04-09 Oskars Bartulis, D, FA, 1987-01-21 Joe Basaraba, RW, FA, 1992-05-02 Ruslan Bashkirov, LW, FA, 1989-03-07 Andy Bathgate, C, FA, 1991-02-26 Ryan Bayda, LW, FA, 1980-12-09 Kyle Beach, RW, FA, 1990-01-13 Matt Beattie, C, FA, 1992-12-14 Francis Beauvillier, LW, FA, 1993-10-22 Jaroslav Bednar, LW, FA, 1976-11-09 Kris Beech, C, FA, 1981-02-05 Brendan Bell, D, FA, 1983-03-31 Myles Bell, LW, FA, 1993-08-19 Brett Bellemore, D, FA, 1988-06-25 Anton Belov, D, FA, 1986-07-29 Rasmus Bengtsson, D, FA, 1993-05-14 Sean Bentivoglio, C, FA, 1985-10-16 Sean Bergenheim, LW, FA, 1984-02-08 Marc-Andre Bergeron, D, FA, 1981-11-16 Niclas Bergfors, RW, FA, 1987-03-07 Mike Bergin, D, FA, 1988-06-30 Kristofer Berglund, D, FA, 1988-08-12 Marc-Andre Bernier, RW, FA, 1985-02-05 Simon Bertilsson, D, FA, 1991-04-19 Jean-Sebastien Berube, LW, FA, 1990-07-20 Armands Berzins, C, FA, 1983-12-27 Grant Besse, RW, FA, 1994-07-14 Brock Beukeboom, D, FA, 1992-04-01 Goran Bezina, D, FA, 1980-03-21 Jiri Bicek, LW, FA, 1978-12-03 Stu Bickel, D, FA, 1986-10-02 Kyle Bigos, D, FA, 1989-05-12 Tim Billingsley, D, FA, 1990-01-17 Chad Billins, D, FA, 1989-05-26 Michal Birner, LW, FA, 1986-03-02 Sebastien Bisaillon, D, FA, 1986-12-08 Hunter Bishop, LW, FA, 1987-09-05 Paul Bissonnette, LW, FA, 1985-03-11 Henrik Bjorklund, RW, FA, 1990-09-22 Jesse Blacker, D, FA, 1991-04-19 Colin Blackwell, C, FA, 1993-03-28 Jeremie Blain, D, FA, 1992-03-19 Miroslav Blatak, D, FA, 1982-05-25 Ricard Blidstrand, D, FA, 1992-04-20 Severin Blindenbacher, D, FA, 1983-03-15 Mario Bliznak, C, FA, 1987-03-06 Anton Blomqvist, D, FA, 1990-03-07 Ben Blood, D, FA, 1989-03-15 Evan Bloodoff, LW, FA, 1990-11-21 Jonathon Blum, D, FA, 1989-01-30 Brandon Bochenski, RW, FA, 1982-04-04 Denis Bodrov, D, FA, 1986-08-22 Danny Bois, RW, FA, 1983-06-01 Alexandre Bolduc, C, FA, 1985-06-26 Rob Bordson, LW, FA, 1988-06-09 Casey Borer, D, FA, 1985-07-28 Francois Bouchard, RW, FA, 1988-04-26 Ryan Bourque, LW, FA, 1991-01-03 Alex Bourret, RW, FA, 1986-10-05 Drayson Bowman, LW, FA, 1989-03-08 Dustin Boyd, C, FA, 1986-07-16 Timothy Boyle, D, FA, 1993-03-21 Matt Bradley, C, FA, 1997-01-22 Constantin Braun, LW, FA, 1988-03-11 Pavel Brendl, RW, FA, 1981-03-23 Mike Brennan, D, FA, 1986-01-24 David Brine, C, FA, 1985-01-06 Josh Brittain, LW, FA, 1990-01-03 Terry Broadhurst, LW, FA, 1988-11-30 Joel Broda, LW, FA, 1989-11-24 Mathieu Brodeur, D, FA, 1990-06-21 Daniel Brodin, LW, FA, 1990-02-09 David Broll, LW, FA, 1993-01-04 Sheldon Brookbank, D, FA, 1980-10-03 Brendan Brooks, RW, FA, 1978-11-26 Evan Brophey, C, FA, 1986-12-03 Julien Brouillette, D, FA, 1986-12-05 Travis Brown, D, FA, 1994-03-15 Damien Brunner, RW, FA, 1986-03-09 Fabian Brunnstrom, LW, FA, 1985-02-06 Chris Bruton, C, FA, 1987-01-23 Zach Budish, RW, FA, 1991-05-09 Alexander Bumagin, RW, FA, 1987-03-01 Codey Burki, C, FA, 1987-11-17 Michael Busto, D, FA, 1986-06-20 Ryan Button, D, FA, 1991-03-26 Dane Byers, LW, FA, 1986-02-21 Blaine Byron, C, FA, 1995-02-21 Ryan Caldwell, D, FA, 1981-06-15 Chris Calnan, RW, FA, 1994-05-05 Anthony Camara, LW, FA, 1993-09-04 Tony Cameranesi, C, FA, 1993-08-12 Bryan Cameron, RW, FA, 1989-02-25 Randy Cameron, C, FA, 1989-01-28 Matt Campanale, D, FA, 1988-02-14 Chris Campoli, D, FA, 1984-07-09 Marc Cantin, D, FA, 1990-03-27 Louie Caporusso, C, FA, 1989-06-21 Mike Card, D, FA, 1986-02-18 Matt Carey, C, FA, 1992-02-28 Mathieu Carle, D, FA, 1987-09-30 Jonathan Carlsson, D, FA, 1988-08-05 Hugo Carpentier, C, FA, 1988-03-17 Samuel Carrier, D, FA, 1992-04-28 Brett Carson, D, FA, 1985-11-29 Michael Caruso, D, FA, 1988-07-05 Benjamin Casavant, LW, FA, 1991-01-21 Peter Ceresnak, D, FA, 1993-01-26 Roman Cervenka, LW, FA, 1985-12-10 Joel Champagne, C, FA, 1990-01-24 Chris Chappell, LW, FA, 1988-03-21 Stefan Chaput, C, FA, 1988-03-11 Jonathan Cheechoo, RW, FA, 1980-07-15 Stanislav Chistov, LW, FA, 1983-04-17 Eric Chouinard, LW, FA, 1980-07-08 Erik Christensen, C, FA, 1983-12-17 Maxim Chudinov, D, FA, 1990-03-25 Martin Cibak, C, FA, 1980-05-17 Michael Cichy, C, FA, 1990-07-08 Ivan Ciernik, RW, FA, 1977-10-30 Christopher Clapperton, LW, FA, 1994-02-22 Michael Clarke, C, FA, 1994-04-29 Marc-Andre Cliche, C, FA, 1987-03-23 Connor Clifton, D, FA, 1995-04-28 Zach Cohen, LW, FA, 1987-02-06 Brendan Collier, LW, FA, 1993-10-08 Adam Comrie, D, FA, 1990-07-31 Tim Conboy, D, FA, 1982-03-22 Nathan Condon, C, FA, 1990-05-29 Brian Connelly, D, FA, 1986-06-10 Mike Connolly, C, FA, 1989-07-03 Brian Cooper, D, FA, 1993-11-01 Philippe Cornet, LW, FA, 1990-03-28 Matt Corrente, D, FA, 1988-03-17 Daniel Corso, C, FA, 1978-04-03 Adam Courchaine, C, FA, 1984-05-23 Justin Courtnall, LW, FA, 1989-05-21 Jared Cowen, D, FA, 1991-01-25 Corey Cowick, LW, FA, 1989-08-01 Jace Coyle, D, FA, 1990-05-24 Nick Crawford, D, FA, 1990-02-23 Paul Crowder, C, FA, 1985-02-12 Tim Crowder, RW, FA, 1986-10-16 Tyler Cuma, D, FA, 1990-01-19 Kyle Cumiskey, D, FA, 1986-12-02 Luca Cunti, C, FA, 1989-07-04 Gianluca Curcuruto, D, FA, 1994-02-25 Jakub Cutta, D, FA, 1981-12-29 Robert Czarnik, C, FA, 1990-01-25 Stephane Da Costa, C, FA, 1989-07-11 Andreas Dahlstrom, C, FA, 1991-06-22 Kevin Dallman, D, FA, 1981-02-26 Jerry D'Amigo, LW, FA, 1991-02-19 Drew Daniels, RW, FA, 1989-06-07 Jean-Michel Daoust, RW, FA, 1983-11-24 Lauris Darzins, LW, FA, 1985-01-28 Kaspars Daugavins, LW, FA, 1988-05-18 Patrick Davis, RW, FA, 1986-12-28 Nigel Dawes, LW, FA, 1985-02-09 James De Haas, D, FA, 1994-05-03 Matt Deblouw, C, FA, 1993-09-17 Kyle DeCoste, RW, FA, 1990-06-30 Alexander Deilert, D, FA, 1989-02-10 Matt Delahey, D, FA, 1989-09-25 Steven Delisle, D, FA, 1990-07-30 Mitchell Dempsey, LW, FA, 1995-02-27 Vladimir Denisov, D, FA, 1984-06-29 Chad Denny, D, FA, 1987-03-27 Roman Derlyuk, D, FA, 1986-10-27 Jason DeSantis, D, FA, 1986-03-09 Guillaume Desbiens, RW, FA, 1985-04-20 Nicolas Deschamps, LW, FA, 1990-01-06 Philip Desimone, C, FA, 1987-03-19 Stephen Desrocher, D, FA, 1996-01-26 Justin DiBenedetto, LW, FA, 1988-08-25 Josiah Didier, D, FA, 1993-04-08 Ryan Dingle, C, FA, 1984-04-04 Jon DiSalvatore, RW, FA, 1981-03-30 Stephen Dixon, C, FA, 1985-09-07 Taylor Doherty, D, FA, 1991-03-02 Tyler Donati, LW, FA, 1986-10-17 Viktor Dovgan, D, FA, 1987-02-27 Jake Dowell, C, FA, 1985-03-04 Chris Doyle, C, FA, 1990-03-22 John Draeger, D, FA, 1993-12-02 Nick Drazenovic, C, FA, 1987-01-14 Brodie Dupont, LW, FA, 1987-02-17 Micki DuPont, D, FA, 1980-04-15 Philippe Dupuis, C, FA, 1985-04-24 Chris Durand, C, FA, 1987-01-21 Corey Durocher, LW, FA, 1992-05-30 Patrick Dwyer, RW, FA, 1983-06-22 Darian Dziurzynski, LW, FA, 1991-03-30 Robbie Earl, LW, FA, 1985-06-02 David Eddy, RW, FA, 1989-12-10 Viktor Ekbom, D, FA, 1989-06-01 Corey Elkins, C, FA, 1985-02-23 Keaton Ellerby, D, FA, 1988-11-05 Matt Ellison, LW, FA, 1983-12-08 Eero Elo, LW, FA, 1990-04-26 David Elsner, LW, FA, 1992-03-22 Steve Eminger, D, FA, 1983-10-31 Cory Emmerton, C, FA, 1988-06-01 Jonas Enlund, C, FA, 1987-11-03 Martin Erat, LW, FA, 1981-08-29 Teemu Eronen, D, FA, 1990-11-22 Angelo Esposito, C, FA, 1989-02-20 Brennan Evans, D, FA, 1982-01-06 Travis Ewanyk, C, FA, 1993-03-29 Brian Fahey, D, FA, 1981-03-02 Cade Fairchild, D, FA, 1989-01-15 Alexander Fallstrom, RW, FA, 1990-09-15 Joe Faust, D, FA, 1991-11-15 Hunter Fejes, LW, FA, 1994-05-31 P.J. Fenton, LW, FA, 1985-08-26 Jonathan Ferland, RW, FA, 1983-02-09 Daniel Fernholm, D, FA, 1983-12-20 Simon Fernholm, D, FA, 1994-03-06 Benn Ferriero, RW, FA, 1987-04-29 Cody Ferriero, C, FA, 1991-12-19 Ondrej Fiala, C, FA, 1987-11-04 Corey Fienhage, D, FA, 1990-05-04 Robin Figren, LW, FA, 1988-03-07 Nikita Filatov, LW, FA, 1990-05-25 Ilari Filppula, C, FA, 1981-11-05 Joe Finley, D, FA, 1987-06-29 David Fischer, D, FA, 1988-02-19 Jerome Flaake, LW, FA, 1990-03-02 Kyle Flanagan, C, FA, 1988-12-30 Brett Flemming, D, FA, 1991-02-26 Mark Flood, D, FA, 1984-09-29 Anthony Florentino, D, FA, 1995-01-30 Matthew Ford, RW, FA, 1984-10-09 Matt Fornataro, C, FA, 1985-06-26 Mike Forney, LW, FA, 1988-05-14 Beat Forster, D, FA, 1983-02-02 Maxime Fortunus, D, FA, 1983-07-28 Alex Foster, LW, FA, 1984-08-26 Kris Foucault, LW, FA, 1990-12-12 Gleason Fournier, D, FA, 1991-09-08 Dane Fox, LW, FA, 1993-10-13 Matt Foy, RW, FA, 1983-05-18 Jordan Fransoo, D, FA, 1993-04-25 Johan Fransson, D, FA, 1985-02-18 Jamie Fraser, D, FA, 1985-11-17 Matt Fraser, LW, FA, 1990-05-20 Matt Frattin, RW, FA, 1988-01-03 Colton Fretter, C, FA, 1982-03-12 Andrew Fritsch, RW, FA, 1993-03-24 Dan Fritsche, C, FA, 1985-07-13 Philippe Furrer, D, FA, 1985-06-16 Max Gaede, RW, FA, 1992-03-27 Aaron Gagnon, C, FA, 1986-04-24 T.J. Galiardi, LW, FA, 1988-04-22 Benjamin Gallacher, D, FA, 1992-09-11 Simon Gamache, LW, FA, 1981-01-03 Max Gardiner, C, FA, 1992-05-07 Danick Gauthier, RW, FA, 1991-10-24 Curtis Gedig, D, FA, 1991-09-14 Dan Gendur, RW, FA, 1987-05-21 Matt Generous, D, FA, 1985-05-04 Chay Genoway, D, FA, 1986-12-20 Colby Genoway, RW, FA, 1983-12-12 Martin Gernat, D, FA, 1993-04-11 Bruno Gervais, D, FA, 1984-10-03 David Gilbert, C, FA, 1991-02-09 Stefano Giliati, LW, FA, 1987-10-07 Trevor Gillies, LW, FA, 1979-01-30 Matt Gilroy, D, FA, 1984-07-20 Sergei Gimayev, D, FA, 1984-02-16 Alexandre Giroux, LW, FA, 1981-06-16 Konstantin Glazachev, RW, FA, 1985-02-18 Mike Glumac, RW, FA, 1980-04-05 Marcel Goc, C, FA, 1983-08-24 Josh Godfrey, D, FA, 1988-01-15 Curt Gogol, LW, FA, 1991-09-21 Philip Gogulla, LW, FA, 1987-07-31 Maxim Goncharov, D, FA, 1989-06-15 Andrew Gordon, RW, FA, 1985-12-13 Coda Gordon, LW, FA, 1994-08-04 Kirill Gotovets, D, FA, 1991-06-25 Stephane Goulet, LW, FA, 1986-01-07 Evgeny Grachev, LW, FA, 1990-02-21 Triston Grant, LW, FA, 1984-02-02 Josh Gratton, LW, FA, 1982-09-09 Josh Green, LW, FA, 1977-11-16 Igor Grigorenko, RW, FA, 1983-04-09 Nicklas Grossmann, D, FA, 1985-01-22 Samuel Groulx, D, FA, 1990-06-28 Francois-Pierre Guenette, C, FA, 1984-01-18 Daniel Gunnarsson, D, FA, 1992-04-15 Alexander Guptill, LW, FA, 1992-03-05 Vladimir Gusev, D, FA, 1982-11-24 Anton Gustafsson, C, FA, 1990-02-25 Eric Gustafsson, D, FA, 1988-12-15 Simon Gysbers, D, FA, 1987-05-07 Garrett Haar, D, FA, 1993-08-16 Niklas Hagman, LW, FA, 1979-12-05 Yared Hagos, C, FA, 1983-03-27 Riku Hahl, C, FA, 1980-11-01 Adam Hall, RW, FA, 1980-08-14 Tim Hambly, D, FA, 1983-06-23 Zach Hamill, C, FA, 1988-09-23 Ryan Hamilton, LW, FA, 1985-02-24 Michal Handzus, C, FA, 1977-03-11 Sawyer Hannay, D, FA, 1992-09-06 Ben Hanowski, LW, FA, 1990-10-18 Jake Hansen, RW, FA, 1989-08-21 Christian Hanson, RW, FA, 1986-03-10 Johan Harju, LW, FA, 1986-05-15 Jay Harrison, D, FA, 1982-11-03 Tim Harrison, RW, FA, 1994-01-11 Peter Harrold, D, FA, 1983-12-24 Aaron Harstad, D, FA, 1992-04-27 Teemu Hartikainen, LW, FA, 1990-05-03 Tyler Haskins, C, FA, 1986-05-26 Darren Haydar, RW, FA, 1979-10-22 Jonathan Hazen, RW, FA, 1990-06-18 Mitchell Heard, C, FA, 1992-03-12 Dany Heatley, LW, FA, 1981-01-21 Anton Hedman, LW, FA, 1986-05-15 Oscar Hedman, D, FA, 1986-04-21 Ryan Hegarty, D, FA, 1990-05-16 Ilkka Heikkinen, D, FA, 1984-11-13 Blake Heinrich, D, FA, 1995-02-17 Timo Helbling, D, FA, 1981-07-21 Jens Hellgren, D, FA, 1989-03-06 Alexander Hellstrom, D, FA, 1987-04-17 Kevin Henderson, LW, FA, 1986-12-03 Trevor Hendrikx, D, FA, 1985-03-29 Josh Hennessy, C, FA, 1985-02-07 Jordan Henry, D, FA, 1986-02-11 Patrik Hersley, D, FA, 1986-06-23 Fabrice Herzog, RW, FA, 1994-12-09 Shaun Heshka, D, FA, 1985-07-30 Eric Himelfarb, C, FA, 1983-01-01 Rob Hisey, C, FA, 1984-09-24 Simon Hjalmarsson, RW, FA, 1989-02-01 Jan Hlavac, LW, FA, 1976-09-20 Jaroslav Hlinka, C, FA, 1976-11-10 Danny Hobbs, C, FA, 1989-06-21 Justin Hodgman, C, FA, 1988-06-27 Mike Hoeffel, LW, FA, 1989-04-09 Mirko Hoefflin, C, FA, 1992-06-18 Gregory Hofmann, C, FA, 1992-11-13 Jeff Hoggan, LW, FA, 1978-02-01 Patrick Holland, RW, FA, 1992-01-07 Rhett Holland, D, FA, 1993-09-25 Ryan Hollweg, LW, FA, 1983-04-23 Jonas Holos, D, FA, 1987-08-27 Riley Holzapfel, C, FA, 1988-08-18 Kai Hospelt, C, FA, 1985-08-23 Marcel Hossa, LW, FA, 1981-10-12 Jackson Houck, RW, FA, 1995-02-27 Josef Hrabal, D, FA, 1985-08-17 Karel Hromas, LW, FA, 1986-01-27 Petr Hubacek, LW, FA, 1979-09-02 Philippe Hudon, RW, FA, 1993-04-15 Carl Hudson, D, FA, 1986-01-02 Ivan Huml, LW, FA, 1981-09-06 Eric Hunter, C, FA, 1986-08-11 Matt Hussey, C, FA, 1979-05-28 Alex Hutchings, LW, FA, 1990-11-07 Radoslav Illo, RW, FA, 1990-01-21 Jarkko Immonen, C, FA, 1982-04-19 Danny Irmen, C, FA, 1984-09-06 Aaron Irving, D, FA, 1996-03-03 Christian Isackson, RW, FA, 1992-01-20 Richard Jackman, D, FA, 1978-06-28 Jean-Francois Jacques, LW, FA, 1985-04-29 Jason Jaffray, LW, FA, 1981-06-30 Connor James, C, FA, 1982-08-25 Andreas Jamtin, LW, FA, 1983-05-04 Adam Janosik, D, FA, 1992-09-07 Sam Jardine, D, FA, 1993-08-12 Joonas Jarvinen, D, FA, 1989-01-05 Jason Jaspers, C, FA, 1981-04-08 Kyle Jean, LW, FA, 1990-03-01 Dustin Jeffrey, C, FA, 1988-02-27 A.J. Jenks, LW, FA, 1990-06-27 Colton Jobke, D, FA, 1992-04-20 Jonas Johansson, RW, FA, 1984-03-18 Kim Johansson, C, FA, 1988-01-21 Mikael Johansson, C, FA, 1985-06-27 Aaron Johnson, D, FA, 1983-04-30 Jamie Johnson, C, FA, 1982-01-23 Nick Johnson, RW, FA, 1985-12-24 Andrew Johnston, LW, FA, 1991-07-06 Stephen Johnston, LW, FA, 1990-02-24 Kellen Jones, C, FA, 1990-08-16 Ryan Jones, LW, FA, 1984-06-14 Per Jonsson, D, FA, 1988-04-20 Mauro Jorg, RW, FA, 1990-04-29 Troy Josephs, C, FA, 1994-05-09 Derek Joslin, D, FA, 1987-03-17 Andrew Joudrey, C, FA, 1984-07-15 Jonas Junland, D, FA, 1987-11-15 Milan Jurcina, D, FA, 1983-06-07 Kirill Kabanov, RW, FA, 1992-07-16 Ilya Kablukov, C, FA, 1988-01-18 Alexei Kaigorodov, C, FA, 1983-07-29 Dmitri Kalinin, D, FA, 1980-07-22 Tomi Kallio, RW, FA, 1977-01-27 Petr Kalus, RW, FA, 1987-06-29 Tomas Kana, LW, FA, 1987-11-29 Michael Kantor, RW, FA, 1992-02-02 Niko Kapanen, C, FA, 1978-04-29 Mattias Karlsson, D, FA, 1985-04-15 Marcus Karlstrom, D, FA, 1995-01-06 Martins Karsums, RW, FA, 1986-02-26 Lukas Kaspar, LW, FA, 1985-09-23 Mark Katic, D, FA, 1989-05-09 Denis Kazionov, LW, FA, 1987-12-08 Dmitri Kazionov, C, FA, 1984-05-13 Matthew Keith, C, FA, 1983-04-11 Tim Kennedy, LW, FA, 1986-04-30 Michael Keranen, C, FA, 1990-01-04 Blake Kessel, D, FA, 1989-04-13 Geoff Kinrade, D, FA, 1985-07-29 Teemu Kivihalme, D, FA, 1995-06-17 Tommi Kivisto, D, FA, 1991-06-07 Linus Klasen, LW, FA, 1986-02-19 Anton Klementyev, D, FA, 1990-03-25 Rostislav Klesla, D, FA, 1982-03-21 Garrett Klotz, LW, FA, 1988-11-27 Tomas Kloucek, D, FA, 1980-03-07 Kyle Klubertanz, D, FA, 1985-09-23 Jordan Knackstedt, RW, FA, 1988-09-28 Eric Knodel, D, FA, 1990-06-08 Dustin Kohn, D, FA, 1987-02-02 Ville Koistinen, D, FA, 1982-06-17 Chad Kolarik, RW, FA, 1986-01-26 Juraj Kolnik, RW, FA, 1980-11-13 David Kolomatis, D, FA, 1989-02-25 Sergei Kolosov, D, FA, 1986-05-22 Kirill Koltsov, D, FA, 1983-02-01 Matthew Konan, D, FA, 1991-09-03 Maxim Kondratiev, D, FA, 1983-01-20 Petri Kontiola, C, FA, 1984-10-04 Tomas Kopecky, LW, FA, 1982-02-05 Levko Koper, LW, FA, 1990-10-05 Jakub Koreis, C, FA, 1984-06-26 Dmitry Korobov, D, FA, 1989-03-12 Nikita Korostelev, RW, FA, 1997-02-08 Sergei Korostin, RW, FA, 1989-07-05 Andrei Kostitsyn, LW, FA, 1985-02-03 Sergei Kostitsyn, LW, FA, 1987-03-20 Michael Kostka, D, FA, 1986-09-16 Patrick Koudys, D, FA, 1992-11-15 Ilya Kovalchuk, LW, FA, 1983-04-15 Andrew Kozek, LW, FA, 1986-05-26 Brandon Kozun, RW, FA, 1990-03-08 Lukas Krajicek, D, FA, 1983-03-11 Kamil Kreps, C, FA, 1984-11-18 Ilya Krikunov, LW, FA, 1984-02-27 Staffan Kronwall, D, FA, 1982-09-10 Justin Krueger, D, FA, 1986-10-06 Bjorn Krupp, D, FA, 1991-03-06 Anton Krysanov, C, FA, 1987-03-25 Dominik Kubalik, LW, FA, 1995-08-21 Tomas Kubalik, RW, FA, 1990-05-01 Tomas Kudelka, D, FA, 1987-03-10 Dmitry Kugryshev, RW, FA, 1990-01-18 Lasse Kukkonen, D, FA, 1981-09-18 Roman Kukumberg, LW, FA, 1980-04-08 Arturs Kulda, D, FA, 1988-07-25 Edgars Kulda, LW, FA, 1994-11-13 Denis Kulyash, D, FA, 1983-05-31 Tomas Kundratek, D, FA, 1989-12-26 Tim Kunes, D, FA, 1987-02-12 Cody Kunyk, C, FA, 1990-05-20 John Kurtz, LW, FA, 1989-05-16 Zdenek Kutlak, D, FA, 1980-02-13 Marek Kvapil, RW, FA, 1985-01-05 David Kveton, RW, FA, 1988-01-03 Milan Kytnar, C, FA, 1989-05-19 Teemu Laakso, D, FA, 1987-08-27 Dave Labrecque, C, FA, 1990-01-27 Hubert Labrie, D, FA, 1991-07-12 Maxime Lacroix, LW, FA, 1987-06-05 Simon Lacroix, D, FA, 1989-05-29 Jacob Lagace, LW, FA, 1990-01-09 Antoine Laganiere, C, FA, 1990-07-05 Tony Lagerstrom, C, FA, 1988-07-19 Janne Lahti, RW, FA, 1982-07-20 Kellan Lain, C, FA, 1989-08-11 Jani Lajunen, C, FA, 1990-06-16 Christophe Lalancette, C, FA, 1994-05-06 Shawn Lalonde, D, FA, 1990-03-10 Brady Lamb, D, FA, 1988-08-15 John Lammers, C, FA, 1986-01-29 Charles Landry, D, FA, 1991-06-03 Tanner Lane, C, FA, 1992-08-13 Maxim Lapierre, C, FA, 1985-03-29 Thomas Larkin, D, FA, 1990-12-31 Zac Larraza, LW, FA, 1993-02-25 Nick Larson, LW, FA, 1989-11-14 Fredric Larsson, D, FA, 1994-07-04 Ryan Lasch, RW, FA, 1987-01-22 Matt Lashoff, D, FA, 1986-09-29 Nicklas Lasu, LW, FA, 1989-09-16 Martin Latal, RW, FA, 1988-03-17 Olivier Latendresse, LW, FA, 1986-02-12 Markus Lauridsen, D, FA, 1991-02-28 Oliver Lauridsen, D, FA, 1989-03-24 Chris Lawrence, C, FA, 1987-02-05 Joey Leach, D, FA, 1992-01-29 Alex Leavitt, C, FA, 1984-01-31 Drew LeBlanc, C, FA, 1989-06-29 Peter Leblanc, LW, FA, 1988-02-03 Philippe Lefebvre, LW, FA, 1991-02-28 Stefan Legein, RW, FA, 1988-11-24 Yanick Lehoux, C, FA, 1982-04-08 Joonas Lehtivuori, D, FA, 1988-07-19 Francis Lemieux, C, FA, 1984-02-22 Nikolai Lemtyugov, RW, FA, 1986-01-15 Sami Lepisto, D, FA, 1984-10-17 Alex Lepkowski, D, FA, 1993-04-08 Francis Lessard, RW, FA, 1979-05-30 Pierre-Luc Lessard, D, FA, 1988-01-16 Daultan Leveille, C, FA, 1990-08-10 Austin Levi, D, FA, 1992-02-16 Grant Lewis, D, FA, 1985-01-20 Miles Liberati, D, FA, 1995-06-21 David Liffiton, D, FA, 1984-10-18 Perttu Lindgren, C, FA, 1987-08-26 Joakim Lindstrom, LW, FA, 1983-12-05 Mattias Lindstrom, LW, FA, 1991-03-21 Charles Linglet, LW, FA, 1982-06-22 Enver Lisin, RW, FA, 1986-04-22 James Livingston, RW, FA, 1990-03-08 Corey Locke, C, FA, 1984-05-08 Eric Locke, C, FA, 1993-11-21 Martin Lojek, D, FA, 1985-08-19 Colin Long, C, FA, 1989-06-19 Mark Louis, RW, FA, 1987-04-18 Niklas Lucenius, C, FA, 1989-05-03 Anthony Luciani, RW, FA, 1990-05-13 Trevor Ludwig, D, FA, 1985-05-24 Ned Lukacevic, LW, FA, 1986-02-11 Mike Lundin, D, FA, 1984-09-24 Jamie Lundmark, C, FA, 1981-01-16 Arttu Luttinen, LW, FA, 1983-09-03 Kirill Lyamin, D, FA, 1986-01-13 Kevin Lynch, C, FA, 1991-04-23 Pete MacArthur, LW, FA, 1985-06-20 Brooks Macek, RW, FA, 1992-05-15 Maxime Macenauer, C, FA, 1989-01-04 Spencer Machacek, RW, FA, 1988-10-14 Raymond Macias, D, FA, 1986-09-18 Drew Mackenzie, D, FA, 1988-12-17 Matt Mackenzie, D, FA, 1991-10-15 Jeff MacMillan, D, FA, 1979-03-30 Logan MacMillan, LW, FA, 1989-07-05 Ryan MacMurchy, RW, FA, 1983-04-27 Austin Madaisky, D, FA, 1992-01-30 Morten Madsen, C, FA, 1987-01-16 Saku Maenalanen, RW, FA, 1994-05-29 Mikko Maenpaa, D, FA, 1983-04-19 Daniel Maggio, RW, FA, 1991-03-04 Igor Makarov, RW, FA, 1987-09-19 Aleksi Makela, D, FA, 1995-02-08 Tomi Maki, C, FA, 1983-08-19 Tomas Malec, D, FA, 1982-05-13 Alexandre Mallet, LW, FA, 1992-05-22 Mark Mancari, RW, FA, 1985-07-11 Matt Mangene, RW, FA, 1989-03-12 Tomas Marcinko, C, FA, 1988-04-11 Masi Marjamaki, LW, FA, 1985-01-16 Matt Marquardt, LW, FA, 1987-07-19 Ben Marshall, D, FA, 1992-08-30 Kevin Marshall, D, FA, 1989-03-10 Tony Martensson, C, FA, 1980-06-23 James Martin, D, FA, 1991-05-29 Ryan Martindale, C, FA, 1991-10-27 Taylor Matson, C, FA, 1988-09-16 Jon Matsumoto, C, FA, 1986-10-13 Nick Mattson, D, FA, 1991-10-25 Greg Mauldin, C, FA, 1982-06-10 Ben Maxwell, C, FA, 1988-03-30 Maksim Mayorov, LW, FA, 1989-03-26 John McCarron, RW, FA, 1992-04-16 Chris McCarthy, LW, FA, 1991-07-30 Shane McColgan, C, FA, 1993-01-01 Mark McCutcheon, C, FA, 1984-05-21 Kent McDonell, RW, FA, 1979-03-01 Kendall McFaull, D, FA, 1992-04-10 Evan McGrath, C, FA, 1986-01-14 David McIntyre, C, FA, 1987-02-04 Michael McKee, D, FA, 1993-08-17 Dylen McKinlay, RW, FA, 1992-04-20 Kurtis McLean, C, FA, 1980-11-02 Brandon McMillan, LW, FA, 1990-03-22 Carson McMillan, RW, FA, 1988-09-10 Sean McMorrow, RW, FA, 1982-01-19 Tyler McNeely, LW, FA, 1987-04-08 Patrick McNeill, D, FA, 1987-03-17 Marc McNulty, D, FA, 1995-04-05 Philip McRae, C, FA, 1990-03-15 Derek Meech, D, FA, 1984-04-21 Dmitri Megalinsky, D, FA, 1985-04-15 Vaclav Meidl, C, FA, 1986-05-27 Ilari Melart, D, FA, 1989-02-11 Hampus Melen, RW, FA, 1995-02-28 Bjorn Melin, RW, FA, 1981-07-04 James Melindy, D, FA, 1993-12-11 Justin Mercier, C, FA, 1987-06-25 Andrej Meszaros, D, FA, 1985-10-13 Glen Metropolit, C, FA, 1974-06-25 Stefan Meyer, LW, FA, 1985-07-20 Jacob Micflikier, LW, FA, 1984-07-11 Vladimir Mihalik, D, FA, 1987-01-29 Alexei Mikhnov, LW, FA, 1982-08-31 Brendan Mikkelson, D, FA, 1987-06-22 Juraj Mikus, D, FA, 1988-11-30 Norm Milley, RW, FA, 1980-02-14 Igor Mirnov, RW, FA, 1984-09-19 Dale Mitchell, RW, FA, 1989-04-09 Luke Moffatt, C, FA, 1992-06-11 Tomas Mojzis, D, FA, 1982-05-02 Emil Molin, C, FA, 1993-03-02 Oscar Moller, RW, FA, 1989-01-22 Kevin Montgomery, D, FA, 1988-04-04 Nathan Moon, C, FA, 1990-01-04 Brad Moran, C, FA, 1979-03-20 Samuel Morneau, LW, FA, 1990-02-10 Shaone Morrisonn, D, FA, 1982-12-23 Simon Moser, C, FA, 1989-03-10 Steve Moses, RW, FA, 1989-08-09 Johan Motin, D, FA, 1989-10-10 Sergei Mozyakin, LW, FA, 1981-03-30 Marcel Mueller, LW, FA, 1988-07-10 Peter Mueller, RW, FA, 1988-04-14 Patrick Mullen, D, FA, 1986-05-06 Jimmy Mullin, C, FA, 1992-02-24 Matt Murley, C, FA, 1979-12-17 Cory Murphy, D, FA, 1978-02-13 Jan Mursak, RW, FA, 1988-01-20 Ladislav Nagy, LW, FA, 1979-06-01 Louis Nanne, LW, FA, 1994-06-18 Brendon Nash, D, FA, 1987-03-31 Brad Navin, C, FA, 1992-06-05 Michael Neal, LW, FA, 1989-04-03 Richard Nedomlel, D, FA, 1993-07-01 Vaclav Nedorost, LW, FA, 1982-03-16 John Negrin, D, FA, 1989-03-25 Chad Nehring, C, FA, 1987-06-14 Levi Nelson, C, FA, 1988-04-28 Logan Nelson, C, FA, 1993-09-09 Ondrej Nemec, D, FA, 1984-04-18 Joachim Nermark, C, FA, 1993-05-12 Derek Nesbitt, LW, FA, 1982-04-16 Kyle Neuber, RW, FA, 1989-03-22 Kris Newbury, C, FA, 1982-02-19 Jake Newton, D, FA, 1988-09-22 Max Nicastro, D, FA, 1990-03-02 Jonatan Nielsen, D, FA, 1993-09-11 Jyri Niemi, D, FA, 1990-06-15 Anthony Nigro, C, FA, 1990-01-11 Jesse Niinimaki, C, FA, 1983-08-19 Alexander Nikulin, C, FA, 1985-08-25 Robert Nilsson, LW, FA, 1985-01-10 Janne Niskala, D, FA, 1981-09-22 Andreas Nodl, LW, FA, 1987-02-28 Marcel Noebels, LW, FA, 1992-03-14 Petteri Nokelainen, C, FA, 1986-01-16 Martin Nolet, D, FA, 1986-10-02 Filip Novak, D, FA, 1982-05-07 Jiri Novotny, C, FA, 1983-08-12 Petteri Nummelin, D, FA, 1972-11-25 Magnus Nygren, D, FA, 1990-06-07 Bobby Nyholm, RW, FA, 1988-03-07 Erik Nystrom, LW, FA, 1993-10-30 Jaroslav Obsut, D, FA, 1976-09-03 Daniel O'Donoghue, LW, FA, 1991-01-28 Sergei Ogorodnikov, C, FA, 1986-01-21 Sondre Olden, RW, FA, 1992-08-29 Travis Oleksuk, C, FA, 1989-02-03 Rostislav Olesz, LW, FA, 1985-10-10 Mathis Olimb, LW, FA, 1986-02-01 Drew Olson, D, FA, 1990-04-04 Peter Olvecky, LW, FA, 1985-10-11 Mark Olver, C, FA, 1988-01-01 Linus Omark, LW, FA, 1987-02-05 Oskar Osala, LW, FA, 1987-12-26 Radim Ostrcil, D, FA, 1989-01-15 Sebastian Owuya, D, FA, 1991-10-08 David Pacan, C, FA, 1991-03-31 Nathan Paetsch, D, FA, 1983-03-30 Brett Palin, D, FA, 1984-06-23 Nick Palmieri, RW, FA, 1989-07-12 Philippe Paquet, D, FA, 1987-03-12 Danick Paquette, RW, FA, 1990-07-17 Ryan Parent, D, FA, 1987-03-17 Jonathan Parker, RW, FA, 1991-09-25 Trevor Parkes, RW, FA, 1991-05-13 Blake Parlett, D, FA, 1989-05-13 Adam Parsells, D, FA, 1997-01-03 Denis Parshin, RW, FA, 1986-02-01 Mikhail Pashnin, D, FA, 1989-05-11 Gaelan Patterson, C, FA, 1990-08-22 Matej Paulovic, LW, FA, 1994-03-02 Marcus Paulsson, LW, FA, 1984-01-10 Cody Payne, RW, FA, 1994-01-14 Theo Peckham, D, FA, 1987-11-10 Brent Pedersen, LW, FA, 1995-07-05 Matt Pelech, D, FA, 1987-09-04 Michael Pelech, C, FA, 1989-10-06 Pascal Pelletier, C, FA, 1983-06-16 Rod Pelley, C, FA, 1984-09-01 Alexander Perezhogin, LW, FA, 1983-08-10 Nathan Perkovich, RW, FA, 1985-10-15 Brett Perlini, RW, FA, 1990-06-14 Eric Perrin, C, FA, 1975-11-01 Dennis Persson, D, FA, 1988-06-02 Niklas Persson, C, FA, 1979-03-26 Harri Pesonen, LW, FA, 1988-08-06 Janne Pesonen, LW, FA, 1982-05-11 Dmitri Pestunov, C, FA, 1985-01-22 Nick Petersen, RW, FA, 1989-05-27 Nick Petrecki, D, FA, 1989-07-11 Lennart Petrell, LW, FA, 1984-04-13 Fredrik Pettersson, RW, FA, 1987-06-10 Paul Phillips, D, FA, 1991-07-16 Zack Phillips, C, FA, 1992-10-28 Alexandre Picard, LW, FA, 1985-10-09 Antti Pihlstrom, LW, FA, 1984-10-22 Arsi Piispanen, C, FA, 1985-07-23 Ilkka Pikkarainen, RW, FA, 1981-04-19 Karel Pilar, D, FA, 1977-12-23 Ryan Pilon, D, FA, 1996-10-10 Steven Pinizzotto, RW, FA, 1984-04-26 Matt Pistilli, RW, FA, 1988-10-17 Luke Pither, C, FA, 1989-04-26 Petr Placek, RW, FA, 1992-12-28 Matthias Plachta, LW, FA, 1991-05-16 Alex Plante, D, FA, 1989-05-09 Jan Platil, D, FA, 1983-02-09 Denis Platonov, LW, FA, 1981-11-06 Andrei Plekhanov, D, FA, 1986-07-12 Tomas Plihal, LW, FA, 1983-03-28 Petr Pohl, RW, FA, 1986-08-28 Sasha Pokulok, D, FA, 1986-05-25 Vojtech Polak, LW, FA, 1985-06-27 Adam Polasek, D, FA, 1991-07-12 Brett Ponich, D, FA, 1991-02-22 Alexei Ponikarovsky, LW, FA, 1980-04-09 Andrei Popov, C, FA, 1988-07-15 Mark Popovic, D, FA, 1982-10-11 Tomas Pospisil, RW, FA, 1987-08-25 Gustav Possler, LW, FA, 1994-11-11 Corey Potter, D, FA, 1984-01-05 Ryan Potulny, C, FA, 1984-09-05 Marc Pouliot, C, FA, 1985-05-22 Robin Press, D, FA, 1994-12-21 David Printz, D, FA, 1980-07-24 Roman Psurny, RW, FA, 1986-02-23 Konstantin Pushkarev, RW, FA, 1985-02-12 Juuso Puustinen, RW, FA, 1988-04-05 Mika Pyorala, LW, FA, 1981-07-13 Steve Quailer, LW, FA, 1989-08-05 Kevin Quick, D, FA, 1988-03-29 William Quist, LW, FA, 1989-07-31 Branko Radivojevic, RW, FA, 1980-11-24 Brock Radunske, C, FA, 1983-04-05 Daniel Rahimi, D, FA, 1987-04-28 Prab Rai, LW, FA, 1989-11-22 Toni Rajala, LW, FA, 1991-03-29 Rhett Rakhshani, RW, FA, 1988-03-06 Greg Rallo, C, FA, 1981-08-26 Tim Ramholt, D, FA, 1984-11-02 Joonas Rask, C, FA, 1990-03-24 Michael Ratchuk, D, FA, 1988-02-20 Chad Rau, C, FA, 1987-01-18 Joel Rechlicz, RW, FA, 1987-06-14 Liam Reddox, LW, FA, 1986-01-27 Tyler Redenbach, C, FA, 1984-09-25 Krisjanis Redlihs, D, FA, 1981-01-15 Harrison Reed, C, FA, 1988-01-18 Eric Regan, D, FA, 1988-05-20 Peter Regin, C, FA, 1986-04-16 Cameron Reid, C, FA, 1991-08-25 Steven Reinprecht, C, FA, 1976-05-07 Arvids Rekis, D, FA, 1979-01-01 Ludvig Rensfeldt, LW, FA, 1992-01-29 Michal Repik, RW, FA, 1988-12-31 Denis Reul, D, FA, 1989-06-29 Jonathan Rheault, RW, FA, 1986-08-01 Danny Richmond, D, FA, 1984-08-01 Yannick Riendeau, RW, FA, 1988-06-18 Blair Riley, LW, FA, 1985-11-01 Byron Ritchie, C, FA, 1977-04-24 Mattias Ritola, LW, FA, 1987-03-14 Nathan Robinson, RW, FA, 1981-12-31 Travis Roche, D, FA, 1978-06-17 Bryan Rodney, D, FA, 1984-04-22 Derek Rodwell, LW, FA, 1990-07-08 Garrett Roe, LW, FA, 1988-02-22 Ondrej Roman, C, FA, 1989-02-08 Tony Romano, C, FA, 1988-01-05 Kevin Romy, C, FA, 1985-01-31 Nick Ross, D, FA, 1989-02-10 Charles-Olivier Roussel, D, FA, 1991-09-13 Andrew Rowe, LW, FA, 1988-01-22 Derek Roy, C, FA, 1983-05-04 Eric Roy, D, FA, 1994-10-24 Marc-Olivier Roy, C, FA, 1994-11-05 Mathieu Roy, D, FA, 1983-08-10 David Rundblad, D, FA, 1990-10-08 Ryan Rupert, C, FA, 1992-06-02 Alexander Ruuttu, RW, FA, 1992-12-09 Vladimir Ruzicka, C, FA, 1989-02-17 Kenny Ryan, RW, FA, 1991-07-10 Johan Ryno, LW, FA, 1986-06-05 Santeri Saari, D, FA, 1994-10-18 Nico Sacchetti, C, FA, 1989-08-21 Martin Sagat, LW, FA, 1984-11-11 Brian Salcido, D, FA, 1985-04-14 Anssi Salmela, D, FA, 1984-08-13 Saku Salminen, C, FA, 1994-10-20 Jerome Samson, RW, FA, 1987-09-04 Jesper Samuelsson, C, FA, 1988-06-13 Emil Sandin, RW, FA, 1988-02-28 Raffaele Sannitz, C, FA, 1983-05-18 Tommi Santala, C, FA, 1979-06-27 Mark Santorelli, RW, FA, 1988-08-06 Patrick Sanvido, D, FA, 1996-06-28 Vinny Saponari, RW, FA, 1990-02-15 Oleg Saprykin, LW, FA, 1981-02-12 Andrew Sarauer, LW, FA, 1984-11-17 Nathan Saunders, D, FA, 1985-04-25 Yann Sauve, D, FA, 1990-02-18 Marc Savard, C, FA, 1977-07-17 Raymond Sawada, RW, FA, 1985-02-19 Petr Schastlivy, LW, FA, 1979-04-18 Nick Schaus, D, FA, 1986-07-03 Geoffrey Schemitsch, D, FA, 1992-04-01 Craig Schira, D, FA, 1988-04-21 Matt Schmalz, RW, FA, 1996-03-21 Beau Schmitz, D, FA, 1991-03-26 Rick Schofield, C, FA, 1987-04-23 Rob Schremp, C, FA, 1986-07-01 Christoph Schubert, D, FA, 1982-02-05 Ian Schultz, RW, FA, 1990-02-04 Felix Schutz, C, FA, 1987-11-03 Rylan Schwartz, C, FA, 1990-01-08 Greg Scott, RW, FA, 1988-06-03 Michael Sdao, D, FA, 1989-07-03 Justin Sefton, D, FA, 1993-04-14 Brandon Segal, RW, FA, 1983-07-12 Ryan Segalla, D, FA, 1994-12-29 Alexei Semenov, D, FA, 1981-04-10 Maxim Semenov, D, FA, 1984-02-09 Alexander Semin, RW, FA, 1984-03-03 Artem Sergeev, D, FA, 1993-04-20 Michal Sersen, D, FA, 1985-12-28 Marty Sertich, C, FA, 1982-10-13 Brennan Serville, D, FA, 1993-06-02 Tim Sestito, C, FA, 1984-08-28 Oliver Setzinger, C, FA, 1983-07-11 Dan Sexton, RW, FA, 1987-04-29 Philippe Seydoux, D, FA, 1985-02-23 Clark Seymour, D, FA, 1993-05-18 Grigory Shafigulin, C, FA, 1985-01-13 James Sharrow, D, FA, 1985-01-31 James Sheppard, LW, FA, 1988-04-25 David Shields, D, FA, 1991-01-27 Steven Shipley, C, FA, 1992-04-22 Sergei Shirokov, LW, FA, 1986-03-10 Timofei Shishkanov, LW, FA, 1983-06-10 Matt Siddall, RW, FA, 1984-09-26 Jonathan Sigalet, D, FA, 1986-02-12 Mike Siklenka, D, FA, 1979-12-18 Stephen Silas, D, FA, 1992-06-26 Juraj Simek, LW, FA, 1987-09-29 Shane Sims, D, FA, 1988-04-30 Jakub Sindel, C, FA, 1986-01-24 Dmitry Sinitsyn, D, FA, 1994-06-17 Mattias Sjogren, C, FA, 1987-11-27 David Skokan, RW, FA, 1988-12-06 Robert Slaney, LW, FA, 1988-10-13 Jim Slater, C, FA, 1982-12-09 Tomas Slovak, D, FA, 1983-04-05 Matt Smaby, D, FA, 1984-10-14 Austin Smith, RW, FA, 1988-11-07 Colin Smith, C, FA, 1993-06-20 Dalton Smith, LW, FA, 1992-06-30 Radek Smolenak, LW, FA, 1986-12-03 Josh Soares, LW, FA, 1982-02-06 Markus Soberg, RW, FA, 1995-04-22 Matias Sointu, RW, FA, 1990-02-10 Cody Sol, D, FA, 1991-02-11 Jedd Soleway, C, FA, 1994-05-12 Brett Sonne, C, FA, 1989-05-16 Vili Sopanen, LW, FA, 1987-10-21 Jordon Southorn, D, FA, 1990-05-15 Joe Sova, D, FA, 1988-05-08 Dan Spang, D, FA, 1983-08-16 Thomas Spelling, RW, FA, 1993-02-09 Janis Sprukts, C, FA, 1982-01-31 Julien Sprunger, RW, FA, 1986-01-04 Tyler Spurgeon, C, FA, 1986-04-10 Jared Staal, RW, FA, 1990-08-21 Kirill Starkov, C, FA, 1987-03-31 Yan Stastny, LW, FA, 1982-09-30 Denis Stasyuk, LW, FA, 1985-09-02 Jan Steber, C, FA, 1985-10-19 David Steckel, C, FA, 1982-03-15 Mikhail Stefanovich, RW, FA, 1989-11-27 Taylor Stefishen, LW, FA, 1990-08-15 Richard Stehlik, D, FA, 1984-06-22 Joe Stejskal, D, FA, 1988-04-30 Zachary Stepan, C, FA, 1994-01-06 Charlie Stephens, C, FA, 1981-04-05 Logan Stephenson, D, FA, 1986-02-19 Shay Stephenson, LW, FA, 1983-09-13 Brett Sterling, LW, FA, 1984-04-24 Anthony Stewart, RW, FA, 1985-01-05 Gregory Stewart, LW, FA, 1986-05-21 Ryan Stoa, LW, FA, 1987-04-13 Ben Storm, D, FA, 1994-03-30 Zack Stortini, RW, FA, 1985-09-11 Jozef Stumpel, C, FA, 1972-07-20 Radoslav Suchy, D, FA, 1976-04-07 Colin Suellentrop, D, FA, 1993-06-10 Colin Sullivan, D, FA, 1993-03-26 Sean Sullivan, D, FA, 1984-03-29 Alexander Sulzer, D, FA, 1984-05-30 Kevin Sundher, C, FA, 1992-01-18 Alexander Sundstrom, C, FA, 1987-03-14 Reto Suri, LW, FA, 1989-03-25 Tomas Surovy, LW, FA, 1981-09-24 Brett Sutter, C, FA, 1987-06-02 Lukas Sutter, C, FA, 1993-10-04 David Svagrovsky, RW, FA, 1984-12-21 Alexander Svitov, C, FA, 1982-11-03 Jaroslav Svoboda, LW, FA, 1980-06-01 Bryce Swan, RW, FA, 1987-10-06 Bill Sweatt, LW, FA, 1988-09-21 Andrew Sweetland, LW, FA, 1986-10-21 Corey Syvret, D, FA, 1989-02-19 Danny Syvret, D, FA, 1985-06-13 Paul Szczechura, C, FA, 1985-11-30 Shawn Szydlowski, RW, FA, 1990-08-05 Jeff Taffe, LW, FA, 1981-02-19 Shayne Taker, D, FA, 1990-02-12 Julian Talbot, LW, FA, 1985-03-24 Barry Tallackson, RW, FA, 1983-04-14 Henrik Tallinder, D, FA, 1979-01-10 Maxime Tanguay, C, FA, 1988-11-16 Andrei Taratukhin, C, FA, 1983-02-22 Jamie Tardif, RW, FA, 1985-01-23 Matthew Tassone, C, FA, 1989-09-28 Peter Taticek, C, FA, 1983-09-22 Justin Taylor, C, FA, 1989-02-08 Mattias Tedenby, LW, FA, 1990-02-21 Petr Tenkrat, RW, FA, 1977-05-31 Joey Tenute, C, FA, 1983-04-02 Kelsey Tessier, C, FA, 1990-01-16 Mike Testwuide, RW, FA, 1987-02-05 Colten Teubert, D, FA, 1990-03-08 Ryan Thang, RW, FA, 1987-05-11 Mitchell Theoret, LW, FA, 1993-06-08 Bill Thomas, RW, FA, 1983-06-20 Garrett Thompson, LW, FA, 1990-03-07 Andreas Thuresson, RW, FA, 1987-11-18 Niklas Tikkinen, D, FA, 1994-06-01 Jussi Timonen, D, FA, 1983-06-29 Mathias Tjarnqvist, LW, FA, 1979-04-15 Mark Tobin, LW, FA, 1985-11-26 Ole-Kristian Tollefsen, D, FA, 1984-03-29 Denis Tolpeko, LW, FA, 1985-01-29 Roman Tomanek, RW, FA, 1986-01-28 Henrik Tommernes, D, FA, 1990-08-28 Sergei Topol, C, FA, 1985-02-15 Nichlas Torp, D, FA, 1989-04-10 Zack Torquato, C, FA, 1989-06-08 Mathieu Tousignant, C, FA, 1989-11-21 T.J. Trevelyan, LW, FA, 1984-03-06 John Tripp, RW, FA, 1977-05-04 Corey Trivino, C, FA, 1990-01-12 Lauri Tukonen, RW, FA, 1986-09-01 Kirill Tulupov, D, FA, 1988-04-23 Evgeny Tunik, RW, FA, 1984-11-17 Travis Turnbull, RW, FA, 1986-07-07 Marek Tvrdon, LW, FA, 1993-01-31 Antti Tyrvainen, LW, FA, 1989-04-03 David Ullstrom, C, FA, 1989-04-22 Layne Ulmer, C, FA, 1980-09-14 Dragan Umicevic, LW, FA, 1984-10-09 Martin Vagner, D, FA, 1984-03-16 Brady Vail, C, FA, 1994-03-11 Mikko Vainonen, D, FA, 1994-04-11 Boris Valabik, D, FA, 1986-02-14 Pavel Valentenko, D, FA, 1987-10-20 Scott Valentine, D, FA, 1991-05-02 Bryce Van Brabant, LW, FA, 1991-11-12 Troy Vance, D, FA, 1993-08-02 Jim Vandermeer, D, FA, 1980-02-21 Janos Vas, LW, FA, 1984-01-29 Herbert Vasiljevs, C, FA, 1976-05-27 Julien Vauclair, D, FA, 1979-10-02 Keven Veilleux, RW, FA, 1989-06-27 Stephane Veilleux, LW, FA, 1981-11-16 Steven Veilleux, G, FA, 1995-05-07 Michael Vernace, D, FA, 1986-05-26 Ryan Vesce, C, FA, 1982-04-07 Linus Videll, LW, FA, 1985-05-05 Marek Viedensky, C, FA, 1990-08-18 Tomas Vincour, RW, FA, 1990-11-19 Ivan Vishnevskiy, D, FA, 1988-02-18 Albert Vishnyakov, LW, FA, 1983-12-30 Anton Volchenkov, D, FA, 1982-02-25 Igor Volkov, RW, FA, 1983-01-24 Konstantin Volkov, RW, FA, 1985-02-07 Roman Voloshenko, LW, FA, 1986-05-12 Dmitri Vorobiev, D, FA, 1985-10-18 Pavel Vorobiev, RW, FA, 1982-05-05 Pavel Voroshnin, D, FA, 1984-03-23 Petr Vrana, C, FA, 1985-03-29 Rene Vydareny, D, FA, 1981-05-06 Steve Wagner, D, FA, 1984-03-06 Mitch Wahl, C, FA, 1990-01-22 Geoff Walker, RW, FA, 1987-12-09 Jack Walker, LW, FA, 1996-07-30 Julian Walker, RW, FA, 1986-09-10 Luke Walker, RW, FA, 1989-07-14 Tim Wallace, RW, FA, 1984-08-06 Derrick Walser, D, FA, 1978-05-12 Eric Walsky, RW, FA, 1984-09-30 Ben Walter, C, FA, 1984-05-11 Nicholas Walters, D, FA, 1994-04-11 Tom Wandell, C, FA, 1987-01-29 Michael Ward, D, FA, 1989-08-13 Stefan Warg, D, FA, 1990-02-06 Max Warn, LW, FA, 1988-06-10 Francis Wathier, LW, FA, 1984-12-07 Matt Watkins, C, FA, 1986-11-22 Ryan Watson, LW, FA, 1988-03-01 Geoff Waugh, D, FA, 1983-08-25 Noah Welch, D, FA, 1982-08-26 Justin Weller, D, FA, 1991-07-26 Shawn Weller, LW, FA, 1986-07-08 Ethan Werek, C, FA, 1991-06-07 John Westin, LW, FA, 1992-05-19 Wilhelm Westlund, D, FA, 1995-03-15 Kyle Wharton, D, FA, 1986-03-03 Mitchell Wheaton, D, FA, 1995-02-06 Patrick White, C, FA, 1989-01-20 Derek Whitmore, LW, FA, 1984-12-17 Steven Whitney, C, FA, 1991-02-18 Roman Wick, RW, FA, 1985-12-30 Jason Williams, LW, FA, 1980-08-11 Jeremy Williams, RW, FA, 1984-01-26 Mike Williamson, D, FA, 1993-09-05 Clay Wilson, D, FA, 1983-04-05 Kyle Wilson, C, FA, 1984-12-15 Ryan Wilson, D, FA, 1987-02-03 Petteri Wirtanen, C, FA, 1986-05-28 Ty Wishart, D, FA, 1988-05-19 David Wohlberg, C, FA, 1990-07-18 David Wolf, LW, FA, 1989-09-15 Wojtek Wolski, LW, FA, 1986-02-24 William Wrenn, D, FA, 1991-03-16 Geordie Wudrick, LW, FA, 1990-04-09 Austin Wuthrich, RW, FA, 1993-08-11 Denis Yachmenev, LW, FA, 1984-06-04 Mikhail Yakubov, C, FA, 1982-02-16 Brandon Yip, RW, FA, 1985-04-25 Andrew Yogan, LW, FA, 1991-12-04 Nolan Yonkman, D, FA, 1981-04-01 Bryan Young, D, FA, 1986-08-06 Gus Young, D, FA, 1991-07-10 Zachary Yuen, D, FA, 1993-03-03 Michail Yunkov, C, FA, 1986-02-16 Tomas Zaborsky, C, FA, 1987-11-14 Patrik Zackrisson, LW, FA, 1987-03-27 Marek Zagrapan, C, FA, 1986-12-06 Teigan Zahn, D, FA, 1990-01-04 Darcy Zajac, C, FA, 1986-09-23 Steven Zalewski, C, FA, 1986-08-20 Lukas Zeliska, C, FA, 1988-01-08 Vladimir Zharkov, RW, FA, 1988-01-10 Nikolay Zherdev, RW, FA, 1984-11-05 Sean Zimmerman, D, FA, 1987-05-24 Andrey Zubarev, D, FA, 1987-03-03 Ilya Zubov, LW, FA, 1987-02-14 Karch Bachman, LW, Florida Panthers, 1997-03-10 Henrik Borgstrom, C, Florida Panthers, 1997-08-06 Matt Buckles, C, Florida Panthers, 1995-05-05 Evgenii Dadonov, RW, Florida Panthers, 1989-03-12 Alexander Delnov, LW, Florida Panthers, 1994-01-14 Miguel Fidler, LW, Florida Panthers, 1996-03-17 Benjamin Finkelstein, D, Florida Panthers, 1997-10-01 Max Gildon, D, Florida Panthers, 1999-05-17 Henrik Haapala, LW, Florida Panthers, 1994-02-28 Aleksi Heponiemi, C, Florida Panthers, 1999-01-09 Linus Hultstrom, D, Florida Panthers, 1992-12-09 Tyler Inamoto, D, Florida Panthers, 1999-05-06 Yaroslav Kosov, LW, Florida Panthers, 1993-06-03 Maxim Mamin, C, Florida Panthers, 1995-01-13 Adam Mascherin, LW, Florida Panthers, 1998-06-06 Linus Nassen, D, Florida Panthers, 1998-05-10 Sebastian Repo, RW, Florida Panthers, 1996-06-23 Patrick Shea, C, Florida Panthers, 1997-03-25 Owen Tippett, LW, Florida Panthers, 1999-02-16 Curtis Valk, C, Florida Panthers, 1993-02-08 Joe Wegwerth, RW, Florida Panthers, 1996-06-16 Christopher Wilkie, RW, Florida Panthers, 1996-07-10 Eddie Wittchow, D, Florida Panthers, 1992-10-31 Mikey Anderson, D, Los Angeles Kings, 1999-05-25 Jaret Anderson-Dolan, C, Los Angeles Kings, 1999-09-12 Kale Clague, D, Los Angeles Kings, 1998-06-05 Alexander Dergachyov, C, Los Angeles Kings, 1996-09-27 Mikey Eyssimont, C, Los Angeles Kings, 1996-09-09 Oscar Fantenberg, D, Los Angeles Kings, 1991-10-07 Jacob Friend, D, Los Angeles Kings, 1997-07-28 Cole Hults, D, Los Angeles Kings, 1998-05-22 Alex Iafallo, C, Los Angeles Kings, 1993-12-21 Steven Johnson, D, Los Angeles Kings, 1994-06-27 Paul Ladue, D, Los Angeles Kings, 1992-09-06 Andrei Loktionov, C, Los Angeles Kings, 1990-05-30 Matt Luff, RW, Los Angeles Kings, 1997-05-05 Jacob Moverare, D, Los Angeles Kings, 1998-08-31 Markus Phillips, D, Los Angeles Kings, 1999-03-21 Nikolay Prokhorkin, LW, Los Angeles Kings, 1993-09-17 Matt Roy, D, Los Angeles Kings, 1995-03-01 Drake Rymsha, C, Los Angeles Kings, 1998-08-06 Gabriel Vilardi, C, Los Angeles Kings, 1999-08-16 Louis Belpedio, D, Minnesota Wild, 1996-05-14 Nick Boka, D, Minnesota Wild, 1997-09-08 Brayden Chizen, D, Minnesota Wild, 1998-05-09 Nolan De Jong, D, Minnesota Wild, 1995-04-25 Brandon Duhaime, RW, Minnesota Wild, 1997-05-22 Jacob Golden, D, Minnesota Wild, 1999-03-20 Jordan Greenway, LW, Minnesota Wild, 1997-02-16 Kirill Kaprizov, LW, Minnesota Wild, 1997-04-26 Justin Kloos, C, Minnesota Wild, 1993-11-30 Luke Kunin, C, Minnesota Wild, 1997-12-04 Ivan Lodnia, RW, Minnesota Wild, 1999-08-31 Brennan Menell, D, Minnesota Wild, 1997-05-24 Bryce Misley, C, Minnesota Wild, 1999-09-05 Avery Peterson, C, Minnesota Wild, 1995-06-20 Jack Sadek, D, Minnesota Wild, 1997-04-19 Mason Shaw, C, Minnesota Wild, 1998-11-03 Pontus Sjalin, D, Minnesota Wild, 1996-06-12 Dmitri Sokolov, RW, Minnesota Wild, 1998-04-14 Carson Soucy, D, Minnesota Wild, 1994-07-27 Andrei Svetlakov, C, Minnesota Wild, 1996-04-06 Nick Swaney, RW, Minnesota Wild, 1997-09-09 William Bitten, C, Montreal Canadiens, 1998-07-10 Simon Bourque, D, Montreal Canadiens, 1997-01-12 Josh Brook, D, Montreal Canadiens, 1999-06-17 Markus Eisenschmid, C, Montreal Canadiens, 1995-01-22 Jake Evans, C, Montreal Canadiens, 1996-06-02 Cale Fleury, D, Montreal Canadiens, 1998-11-19 Arvid Henrikson, D, Montreal Canadiens, 1998-02-23 Joni Ikonen, C, Montreal Canadiens, 1999-04-14 Jakub Jerabek, D, Montreal Canadiens, 1991-05-12 Nikolas Koberstein, D, Montreal Canadiens, 1996-01-19 Victor Mete, D, Montreal Canadiens, 1998-06-07 Joonas Nattinen, C, Montreal Canadiens, 1991-01-03 Michael Pezzetta, C, Montreal Canadiens, 1998-03-13 Ryan Poehling, C, Montreal Canadiens, 1999-01-03 Martin Reway, C, Montreal Canadiens, 1995-01-24 Casey Staum, D, Montreal Canadiens, 1998-01-08 Maxim Trunev, LW, Montreal Canadiens, 1990-09-07 Jarret Tyszka, D, Montreal Canadiens, 1999-03-15 Lukas Vejdemo, C, Montreal Canadiens, 1996-01-25 Antoine Waked, RW, Montreal Canadiens, 1996-05-17 Scott Walford, D, Montreal Canadiens, 1999-01-12 Patrick Cehlin, RW, Nashville Predators, 1991-07-27 Victor Ejdsell, C, Nashville Predators, 1995-06-06 Stefan Elliott, D, Nashville Predators, 1991-01-30 Dante Fabbro, D, Nashville Predators, 1998-06-20 David Farrance, D, Nashville Predators, 1999-06-23 Hardy Haman-Aktell, D, Nashville Predators, 1998-07-04 Patrick Harper, C, Nashville Predators, 1998-07-29 Pavel Koltygin, C, Nashville Predators, 1999-02-17 Joonas Lyytinen, D, Nashville Predators, 1995-04-04 Grant Mismash, LW, Nashville Predators, 1999-02-19 Tyler Moy, C, Nashville Predators, 1995-07-18 Wade Murphy, RW, Nashville Predators, 1993-10-22 Thomas Novak, C, Nashville Predators, 1997-04-28 Jacob Paquette, D, Nashville Predators, 1999-05-26 Emil Pettersson, C, Nashville Predators, 1994-01-14 Rem Pitlick, C, Nashville Predators, 1997-04-02 Adam Smith, D, Nashville Predators, 1996-11-06 Eeli Tolvanen, RW, Nashville Predators, 1999-04-22 Joey Anderson, RW, New Jersey Devils, 1998-06-19 Jesper Boqvist, C, New Jersey Devils, 1998-10-30 Jesper Bratt, LW, New Jersey Devils, 1998-07-30 Will Butcher, D, New Jersey Devils, 1995-01-06 Jocktan Chainey, D, New Jersey Devils, 1999-09-08 Jeremy Davies, D, New Jersey Devils, 1996-12-04 Joey Dudek, C, New Jersey Devils, 1996-01-29 Yaroslav Dyblenko, D, New Jersey Devils, 1993-12-28 Artur Gavrus, C, New Jersey Devils, 1994-01-03 Matthew Hellickson, D, New Jersey Devils, 1998-03-21 Nico Hischier, C, New Jersey Devils, 1999-01-04 Mikhail Maltsev, LW, New Jersey Devils, 1998-03-12 Nikita Popugaev, LW, New Jersey Devils, 1998-11-20 Yegor Rykov, D, New Jersey Devils, 1997-04-14 Brett Seney, LW, New Jersey Devils, 1996-02-28 Colby Sissons, D, New Jersey Devils, 1998-01-15 Marian Studenic, RW, New Jersey Devils, 1998-10-28 Aarne Talvitie, C, New Jersey Devils, 1999-02-11 Alexander Urbom, D, New Jersey Devils, 1990-12-20 Reilly Walsh, D, New Jersey Devils, 1999-04-21 Yegor Zaitsev, D, New Jersey Devils, 1998-05-03 Fabian Zetterlund, LW, New Jersey Devils, 1999-08-25 Collin Adams, LW, New York Islanders, 1998-04-24 Sebastien Aho, D, New York Islanders, 1996-02-17 Kieffer Bellows, LW, New York Islanders, 1998-06-10 Taylor Cammarata, C, New York Islanders, 1995-05-13 Logan Cockerill, LW, New York Islanders, 1999-03-03 Arnaud Durandeau, LW, New York Islanders, 1999-01-14 Tanner Fritz, RW, New York Islanders, 1991-08-20 Anatoly Golyshev, LW, New York Islanders, 1995-02-14 Petter Hansson, D, New York Islanders, 1996-05-16 Otto Koivula, LW, New York Islanders, 1998-09-01 Kane Lafranchise, D, New York Islanders, 1988-05-27 Ben Mirageas, D, New York Islanders, 1999-05-08 Nick Pastujov, LW, New York Islanders, 1998-01-21 Robin Salo, D, New York Islanders, 1998-10-13 Doyle Somerby, D, New York Islanders, 1994-07-04 Andong Song, D, New York Islanders, 1997-01-31 John Stevens, C, New York Islanders, 1994-04-17 Lias Andersson, C, New York Rangers, 1998-10-13 Morgan Barron, C, New York Rangers, 1998-12-02 Alexei Bereglazov, D, New York Rangers, 1994-04-20 Daniel Bernhardt, RW, New York Rangers, 1996-04-11 Filip Chytil, C, New York Rangers, 1999-09-05 Brandon Crawley, D, New York Rangers, 1997-02-02 Carl Klingberg, RW, New York Rangers, 1991-01-28 Dominik Lakatos, C, New York Rangers, 1997-04-08 Dawson Leedahl, LW, New York Rangers, 1996-03-19 Vinni Lettieri, C, New York Rangers, 1995-02-06 Tyler Nanne, D, New York Rangers, 1996-03-17 Vince Pedrie, D, New York Rangers, 1994-01-17 Neal Pionk, D, New York Rangers, 1995-07-29 Tarmo Reunanen, D, New York Rangers, 1998-03-01 Calle Sjalin, D, New York Rangers, 1999-09-02 Patrik Virta, C, New York Rangers, 1996-03-06 Filip Ahl, LW, Ottawa Senators, 1997-06-12 Drake Batherson, C, Ottawa Senators, 1998-04-27 Shane Bowers, C, Ottawa Senators, 1999-07-30 Logan Brown, C, Ottawa Senators, 1998-03-05 Todd Burgess, RW, Ottawa Senators, 1996-04-03 Filip Chlapik, C, Ottawa Senators, 1997-06-03 Christopher Didomenico, C, Ottawa Senators, 1989-02-20 Cody Donaghey, D, Ottawa Senators, 1996-05-10 Macoy Erkamps, D, Ottawa Senators, 1995-02-02 Alex Formenton, LW, Ottawa Senators, 1999-09-13 Gabriel Gagne, RW, Ottawa Senators, 1996-11-11 Christian Jaros, D, Ottawa Senators, 1996-04-02 Parker Kelly, C, Ottawa Senators, 1999-05-14 Maxime Lajoie, D, Ottawa Senators, 1997-11-05 Markus Nurmi, RW, Ottawa Senators, 1998-06-29 Jack Rodewald, RW, Ottawa Senators, 1994-02-14 Colin White, C, Ottawa Senators, 1997-01-30 Mikael Wikstrand, D, Ottawa Senators, 1993-11-05 Christian Wolanin, D, Ottawa Senators, 1995-03-17 Wade Allison, RW, Philadelphia Flyers, 1997-10-14 Terrance Amorosa, D, Philadelphia Flyers, 1994-11-13 David Bernhardt, D, Philadelphia Flyers, 1997-12-01 Noah Cates, LW, Philadelphia Flyers, 1999-02-05 David Drake, D, Philadelphia Flyers, 1995-01-07 Mark Friedman, D, Philadelphia Flyers, 1995-12-25 Morgan Frost, C, Philadelphia Flyers, 1999-05-14 Linus Hogberg, D, Philadelphia Flyers, 1998-09-04 Wyatt Kalynuk, D, Philadelphia Flyers, 1997-04-14 David Kase, LW, Philadelphia Flyers, 1997-01-28 Pascal Laberge, C, Philadelphia Flyers, 1998-04-09 Tanner Laczynski, C, Philadelphia Flyers, 1997-06-01 Oskar Lindblom, LW, Philadelphia Flyers, 1996-08-15 Olle Lycksell, RW, Philadelphia Flyers, 1999-08-24 Cooper Marody, C, Philadelphia Flyers, 1996-12-20 Nolan Patrick, C, Philadelphia Flyers, 1998-09-19 Isaac Ratcliffe, LW, Philadelphia Flyers, 1999-02-15 German Rubtsov, C, Philadelphia Flyers, 1998-06-27 Matthew Strome, LW, Philadelphia Flyers, 1999-01-06 Maksim Sushko, RW, Philadelphia Flyers, 1999-02-10 Valeri Vasiliev, D, Philadelphia Flyers, 1995-01-01 Mikhail Vorobyov, C, Philadelphia Flyers, 1997-01-05 Brendan Warren, LW, Philadelphia Flyers, 1997-05-07 Niclas Almari, D, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1998-05-11 Anthony Angello, C, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1996-03-06 Zach Aston-Reese, LW, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1994-08-10 Jordy Bellerive, C, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1999-05-02 Dane Birks, D, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1995-08-29 Kasper Bjorkqvist, RW, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1997-07-10 Jan Drozg, LW, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1999-04-01 Connor Hall, D, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1998-02-21 Adam Johnson, LW, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1994-06-22 Ryan Jones, D, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1996-05-26 Sam Lafferty, C, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1995-03-06 Zachary Lauzon, D, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1998-10-10 Joseph Masonius, D, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1997-02-17 Sam Miletic, LW, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1997-05-04 Linus Olund, C, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1997-06-05 Antti Palojarvi, D, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1999-01-18 Nikita Pavlychev, C, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1997-03-23 Clayton Phillips, D, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1999-09-09 William Reilly, D, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1997-07-23 Jeff Taylor, D, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1994-04-13 Frederik Tiffels, LW, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1995-05-20 Ivan Chekhovich, LW, San Jose Sharks, 1999-01-04 Sasha Chmelevski, C, San Jose Sharks, 1999-06-09 Karlis Cukste, D, San Jose Sharks, 1997-06-17 Nick DeSimone, D, San Jose Sharks, 1994-11-21 Mario Ferraro, D, San Jose Sharks, 1998-09-17 Emil Galimov, LW, San Jose Sharks, 1992-05-09 Dylan Gambrell, C, San Jose Sharks, 1996-08-26 Jacob Jackson, C, San Jose Sharks, 1994-12-05 Maxim Letunov, C, San Jose Sharks, 1996-02-20 Jacob McGrew, RW, San Jose Sharks, 1999-02-25 Josh Norris, C, San Jose Sharks, 1999-05-05 Scott Reedy, C, San Jose Sharks, 1999-04-04 Noah Rod, RW, San Jose Sharks, 1996-06-07 Filip Sandberg, C, San Jose Sharks, 1994-07-23 Radim Simek, D, San Jose Sharks, 1992-09-20 Daniil Tarasov, LW, San Jose Sharks, 1991-06-20 Marcus Vela, C, San Jose Sharks, 1997-03-03 Cliff Watson, D, San Jose Sharks, 1993-12-21 Anton Andersson, D, St. Louis Blues, 1999-01-06 Trenton Bourque, D, St. Louis Blues, 1998-06-11 Nikolaj Christensen, C, St. Louis Blues, 1998-08-12 Jani Hakanpaa, D, St. Louis Blues, 1992-03-31 Klim Kostin, RW, St. Louis Blues, 1999-05-05 Sam Kurker, RW, St. Louis Blues, 1994-04-08 David Noel, D, St. Louis Blues, 1999-04-10 Austin Poganski, RW, St. Louis Blues, 1996-02-16 Vladimir Sobotka, C, St. Louis Blues, 1987-07-02 Nolan Stevens, C, St. Louis Blues, 1996-07-22 Robert Thomas, C, St. Louis Blues, 1999-07-02 Tage Thompson, RW, St. Louis Blues, 1997-10-30 Alexei Toropchenko, RW, St. Louis Blues, 1999-06-25 Dwyer Tschantz, RW, St. Louis Blues, 1995-03-22 Jake Walman, D, St. Louis Blues, 1996-02-20 Carter Ashton, LW, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1991-04-01 Ross Colton, C, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1996-09-11 Cal Foote, D, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1998-12-13 Alex Gallant, LW, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1992-12-08 Cole Guttman, C, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1999-04-06 Alexei Lipanov, C, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1999-08-17 Ryan Lohin, C, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1996-06-26 Johnathan MacLeod, D, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1996-06-02 Nick Perbix, D, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1998-06-15 Oleg Sosunov, D, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1998-04-13 Alexander Volkov, RW, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1997-08-02 Samuel Walker, C, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1999-06-07 Ryan Zuhlsdorf, D, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1997-07-01 Miro Aaltonen, C, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1993-06-07 Vladimir Bobylev, RW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1997-04-18 Andreas Borgman, D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1995-06-18 Jeremy Bracco, RW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1997-03-17 Adam Brooks, C, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1996-05-06 Nikolai Chebykin, RW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1997-08-01 Martins Dzierkals, LW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1997-04-04 Pierre Engvall, LW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1996-05-31 Fedor Gordeev, D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1999-01-27 James Greenway, D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1998-04-27 Carl Grundstrom, LW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1997-12-01 Nathan Horton, RW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1985-05-29 Andreas Johnson, LW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1994-11-21 Dakota Joshua, C, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1996-05-15 Vladislav Kara, LW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1998-04-20 Yegor Korshkov, RW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1996-07-10 Timothy Liljegren, D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1999-04-30 Jesper Lindgren, D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1997-05-19 Nicolas Mattinen, D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1998-03-05 Ryan McGregor, C, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1999-01-29 Keaton Middleton, D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1998-02-10 Trevor Moore, LW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1995-03-31 Ryan O'Connell, D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1999-04-25 John Piccinich, RW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1996-06-12 Eemeli Rasanen, D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1999-03-06 Calle Rosen, D, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1994-02-02 Nolan Vesey, LW, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1995-03-28 Rodrigo Abols, C, Vancouver Canucks, 1996-01-05 Brock Boeser, RW, Vancouver Canucks, 1997-02-25 Matt Brassard, D, Vancouver Canucks, 1998-08-08 Cole Candella, D, Vancouver Canucks, 1998-02-13 Michael Carcone, LW, Vancouver Canucks, 1996-05-19 Jalen Chatfield, D, Vancouver Canucks, 1996-05-16 Jonathan Dahlen, C, Vancouver Canucks, 1997-12-20 Jonah Gadjovich, LW, Vancouver Canucks, 1998-10-12 Adam Gaudette, C, Vancouver Canucks, 1996-10-03 Kristoffer Gunnarsson, D, Vancouver Canucks, 1997-02-26 Philip Holm, D, Vancouver Canucks, 1991-12-08 Lukas Jasek, RW, Vancouver Canucks, 1997-08-28 Olli Juolevi, D, Vancouver Canucks, 1998-05-05 Yan-Pavel Laplante, LW, Vancouver Canucks, 1995-04-23 Kole Lind, RW, Vancouver Canucks, 1998-10-16 William Lockwood, RW, Vancouver Canucks, 1998-06-20 Zack MacEwen, C, Vancouver Canucks, 1996-07-08 Brett Mckenzie, C, Vancouver Canucks, 1997-03-12 Petrus Palmu, LW, Vancouver Canucks, 1997-07-16 Elias Pettersson, C, Vancouver Canucks, 1998-11-12 Jack Rathbone, D, Vancouver Canucks, 1999-05-20 Jakob Stukel, LW, Vancouver Canucks, 1997-03-06 Jake Bischoff, D, Vegas Golden Knights, 1994-07-25 Erik Brannstrom, D, Vegas Golden Knights, 1999-09-02 Nick Campoli, C, Vegas Golden Knights, 1999-02-16 Dylan Coghlan, D, Vegas Golden Knights, 1998-02-19 Jonathan Dugan, LW, Vegas Golden Knights, 1998-03-24 Cody Eakin, C, Vegas Golden Knights, 1991-05-25 Lukas Elvenes, RW, Vegas Golden Knights, 1999-08-18 Cody Glass, C, Vegas Golden Knights, 1999-04-01 Nikita Gusev, LW, Vegas Golden Knights, 1992-07-08 Nicolas Hague, D, Vegas Golden Knights, 1998-12-05 Tomas Hyka, RW, Vegas Golden Knights, 1993-03-23 Ben Jones, C, Vegas Golden Knights, 1999-02-26 Jake Leschyshyn, C, Vegas Golden Knights, 1999-03-10 Jonas Rondbjerg, RW, Vegas Golden Knights, 1999-03-31 Vadim Shipachev, C, Vegas Golden Knights, 1987-03-12 Nick Suzuki, C, Vegas Golden Knights, 1999-08-10 John Albert, C, Washington Capitals, 1989-01-19 Kristofers Bindulis, D, Washington Capitals, 1995-09-17 Tobias Geisser, D, Washington Capitals, 1999-02-13 Shane Gersich, C, Washington Capitals, 1996-07-10 Hampus Gustafsson, LW, Washington Capitals, 1993-10-26 Axel Jonsson-Fjallby, LW, Washington Capitals, 1998-02-10 Benton Maass, D, Washington Capitals, 1998-11-25 Mason Mitchell, LW, Washington Capitals, 1994-06-13 Brian Pinho, C, Washington Capitals, 1995-05-11 Chase Priskie, D, Washington Capitals, 1996-03-19 Damien Riat, LW, Washington Capitals, 1997-02-26 Kristian Roykas Marthinsen, LW, Washington Capitals, 1999-08-28 Wayne Simpson, RW, Washington Capitals, 1989-11-19 Steven Spinner, RW, Washington Capitals, 1995-12-15 Sebastian Walfridsson, D, Washington Capitals, 1999-03-19 Mason Appleton, C, Winnipeg Jets, 1996-01-15 Jacob Cederholm, D, Winnipeg Jets, 1998-01-30 Croix Evingson, D, Winnipeg Jets, 1997-08-28 Erik Foley, LW, Winnipeg Jets, 1997-06-30 Clinston Franklin, LW, Winnipeg Jets, 1994-03-17 Leon Gawanke, D, Winnipeg Jets, 1999-05-31 Jack Glover, D, Winnipeg Jets, 1996-05-17 Johnathan Kovacevic, D, Winnipeg Jets, 1997-07-12 Pavel Kraskovsky, C, Winnipeg Jets, 1996-09-11 Skyler McKenzie, LW, Winnipeg Jets, 1998-01-20 Sami Niku, D, Winnipeg Jets, 1996-10-10 Tucker Poolman, D, Winnipeg Jets, 1993-06-08 Dylan Samberg, D, Winnipeg Jets, 1999-01-24 Ivan Telegin, LW, Winnipeg Jets, 1992-02-28 Matt Ustaski, LW, Winnipeg Jets, 1994-05-27 Kristian Vesalainen, LW, Winnipeg Jets, 1999-06-01 Santeri Virtanen, C, Winnipeg Jets, 1999-05-11


    Olle Eriksson Ek, G, Anaheim Ducks, 1999-06-22 Garrett Metcalf, G, Anaheim Ducks, 1996-03-05 Angus Redmond, G, Anaheim Ducks, 1995-10-03 Erik Kallgren, G, Arizona Coyotes, 1996-10-14 Merrick Madsen, G, Arizona Coyotes, 1995-08-22 Hunter Miska, G, Arizona Coyotes, 1995-07-07 Kyle Keyser, G, Boston Bruins, 1999-03-08 Jeremy Swayman, G, Boston Bruins, 1998-11-24 Daniel Vladar, G, Boston Bruins, 1997-08-20 Jonas Johansson, G, Buffalo Sabres, 1995-09-19 Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, G, Buffalo Sabres, 1999-03-09 Jack LaFontaine, G, Carolina Hurricanes, 1998-01-06 Eetu Makiniemi, G, Carolina Hurricanes, 1999-04-19 Collin Olson, G, Carolina Hurricanes, 1994-04-04 Collin Delia, G, Chicago Blackhawks, 1994-06-20 Jeff Glass, G, Chicago Blackhawks, 1985-11-19 Ivan Nalimov, G, Chicago Blackhawks, 1994-03-12 Wouter Peeters, G, Chicago Blackhawks, 1998-07-31 Petr Kvaca, G, Colorado Avalanche, 1997-09-12 Adam Werner, G, Colorado Avalanche, 1997-05-02 Matiss Kivlenieks, G, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1996-08-26 Elvis Merzlikins, G, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1994-04-13 Daniil Tarasov, G, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1999-03-27 Peter Thome, G, Columbus Blue Jackets, 1997-05-24 Landon Bow, G, Dallas Stars, 1995-08-24 Jake Oettinger, G, Dallas Stars, 1998-12-18 Colton Point, G, Dallas Stars, 1998-03-04 Markus Ruusu, G, Dallas Stars, 1997-08-23 Kaden Fulcher, G, Detroit Red Wings, 1998-09-23 Filip Larsson, G, Detroit Red Wings, 1998-08-17 Matej Machovsky, G, Detroit Red Wings, 1993-07-25 Chase Perry, G, Detroit Red Wings, 1996-02-08 Keith Petruzzelli, G, Detroit Red Wings, 1999-02-09 Joren Van Pottelberghe, G, Detroit Red Wings, 1997-06-05 Zachary Nagelvoort, G, Edmonton Oilers, 1994-01-30 Stuart Skinner, G, Edmonton Oilers, 1998-11-01 Shane Starrett, G, Edmonton Oilers, 1994-07-12 Sami Aittokallio, G, FA, 1992-08-06 Magnus Akerlund, G, FA, 1986-04-25 J.P. Anderson, G, FA, 1992-04-27 Jason Bacashihua, G, FA, 1982-09-20 Johan Backlund, G, FA, 1981-07-24 Konstantin Barulin, G, FA, 1984-09-04 Kevin Beech, G, FA, 1986-09-23 Alexandre Belanger, G, FA, 1995-08-19 Fredrik Bergvik, G, FA, 1995-02-14 Igor Bobkov, G, FA, 1991-01-02 Keven Bouchard, G, FA, 1996-04-19 Jonathan Boutin, G, FA, 1985-03-28 Francois Brassard, G, FA, 1994-01-31 Anthony Brodeur, G, FA, 1995-06-08 David Brown, G, FA, 1985-02-11 Bernd Bruckler, G, FA, 1981-09-26 Barry Brust, G, FA, 1983-08-08 Brendan Burke, G, FA, 1995-03-11 Sebastien Caron, G, FA, 1980-06-25 Chris Carrozzi, G, FA, 1990-03-02 Andy Chiodo, G, FA, 1983-04-25 Morgan Clark, G, FA, 1990-02-17 Matt Climie, G, FA, 1983-02-11 Adam Courchaine, G, FA, 1989-02-20 Marco Cousineau, G, FA, 1989-11-09 Evan Cowley, G, FA, 1995-07-31 Matt Dalton, G, FA, 1986-07-04 Mark Dekanich, G, FA, 1986-05-10 Peter Delmas, G, FA, 1990-02-16 Jacob DeSerres, G, FA, 1990-03-18 Cedrick Desjardins, G, FA, 1986-06-26 Jeff Deslauriers, G, FA, 1984-05-15 Alec Dillon, G, FA, 1996-05-05 Jeremy Duchesne, G, FA, 1986-10-17 Dan Dunn, G, FA, 1988-06-20 Ray Emery, G, FA, 1982-09-28 Dennis Endras, G, FA, 1985-07-14 Atte Engren, G, FA, 1988-02-19 Joacim Eriksson, G, FA, 1990-04-09 Joe Fallon, G, FA, 1985-02-01 Ryan Faragher, G, FA, 1990-07-03 Viktor Fasth, G, FA, 1982-08-08 Brian Foster, G, FA, 1987-02-04 Jeff Frazee, G, FA, 1987-05-13 Yutaka Fukufuji, G, FA, 1982-09-17 Michael Garnett, G, FA, 1982-11-25 Michael Garteig, G, FA, 1991-11-05 Martin Gerber, G, FA, 1974-09-03 Joel Gistedt, G, FA, 1987-12-07 Miroslav Hanuljak, G, FA, 1984-09-12 Eric Hartzell, G, FA, 1989-05-28 Thomas Heemskerk, G, FA, 1990-04-11 Calvin Heeter, G, FA, 1988-11-02 Riku Helenius, G, FA, 1988-03-01 Johan Holmqvist, G, FA, 1978-05-24 David Honzik, G, FA, 1993-08-09 Ville Hostikka, G, FA, 1985-03-21 Michael Houser, G, FA, 1992-09-13 Niko Hovinen, G, FA, 1988-03-16 Cristobal Huet, G, FA, 1975-09-03 Jonathan Iilahti, G, FA, 1992-04-27 Leland Irving, G, FA, 1988-04-11 Jaroslav Janus, G, FA, 1989-09-21 Janne Juvonen, G, FA, 1994-10-03 Henrik Karlsson, G, FA, 1984-05-08 Patrick Killeen, G, FA, 1990-04-15 Eero Kilpelainen, G, FA, 1985-05-07 Connor Knapp, G, FA, 1990-05-01 Vitaly Kolesnik, G, FA, 1979-08-20 Miroslav Kopriva, G, FA, 1983-12-05 Vasily Koshechkin, G, FA, 1983-03-27 Mikko Koskinen, G, FA, 1988-07-18 Jakub Kovar, G, FA, 1988-07-19 Loic Lacasse, G, FA, 1986-04-23 Kevin Lalande, G, FA, 1987-02-19 Jean-Philippe Lamoureux, G, FA, 1984-08-20 Daniel Larsson, G, FA, 1986-02-07 Jan Lasak, G, FA, 1979-04-10 Teemu Lassila, G, FA, 1983-03-26 Nathan Lawson, G, FA, 1983-09-29 David Leggio, G, FA, 1984-07-31 Jean-Philippe Levasseur, G, FA, 1987-01-15 Niklas Lundstrom, G, FA, 1993-01-10 Joey MacDonald, G, FA, 1980-05-14 Daren Machesney, G, FA, 1986-12-13 Drew MacIntyre, G, FA, 1983-06-24 Matt Mahalak, G, FA, 1993-01-22 Daniel Manzato, G, FA, 1984-01-17 Jussi Markkanen, G, FA, 1975-05-08 Joel Martin, G, FA, 1982-10-08 Johan Mattsson, G, FA, 1991-05-13 Brandon Maxwell, G, FA, 1991-03-22 Robert Mayer, G, FA, 1989-10-09 Lukas Mensator, G, FA, 1984-08-18 Jason Missiaen, G, FA, 1990-04-25 Brent Moran, G, FA, 1996-07-05 Adam Morrison, G, FA, 1991-02-09 John Muse, G, FA, 1988-01-08 Pat Nagle, G, FA, 1987-09-21 Kevin Nastiuk, G, FA, 1985-07-25 Mika Noronen, G, FA, 1979-06-17 Juho Olkinuora, G, FA, 1990-11-04 Martin Ouellette, G, FA, 1991-12-30 Mark Owuya, G, FA, 1989-07-18 Kent Patterson, G, FA, 1989-09-15 Dimitri Patzold, G, FA, 1983-02-03 Alexander Pechurskiy, G, FA, 1990-06-04 Pier-Olivier Pelletier, G, FA, 1987-04-08 Samu Perhonen, G, FA, 1993-03-07 Fredrik Petterson-Wentzel, G, FA, 1991-02-03 Chet Pickard, G, FA, 1989-11-29 Timo Pielmeier, G, FA, 1989-07-07 Bryan Pitton, G, FA, 1988-01-26 Tyler Plante, G, FA, 1987-04-16 Justin Pogge, G, FA, 1986-04-22 Tomas Popperle, G, FA, 1984-10-10 Kevin Poulin, G, FA, 1990-04-12 Ken Reiter, G, FA, 1986-11-24 Stefan Ridderwall, G, FA, 1988-03-05 Nicola Riopel, G, FA, 1989-02-20 Grant Rollheiser, G, FA, 1989-07-24 Olivier Roy, G, FA, 1991-07-12 Jussi Rynnas, G, FA, 1987-05-22 Dany Sabourin, G, FA, 1980-09-20 Alexander Salak, G, FA, 1987-01-05 Marek Schwarz, G, FA, 1986-04-01 Petteri Simila, G, FA, 1990-04-09 Kent Simpson, G, FA, 1992-03-26 Steffen Soberg, G, FA, 1993-11-21 Scott Stajcer, G, FA, 1991-06-14 Sebastian Stefaniszin, G, FA, 1987-07-22 Tobias Stephan, G, FA, 1984-01-21 Brian Stewart, G, FA, 1985-02-19 Miroslav Svoboda, G, FA, 1995-03-07 Mikael Tellqvist, G, FA, 1979-09-19 Brad Thiessen, G, FA, 1986-03-19 Hannu Toivonen, G, FA, 1984-05-18 Matt Tomkins, G, FA, 1994-06-19 Frans Tuohimaa, G, FA, 1991-08-19 Michal Valent, G, FA, 1986-03-05 Mark Visentin, G, FA, 1992-08-07 Lars Volden, G, FA, 1992-07-26 Tyler Weiman, G, FA, 1984-06-05 Gustaf Wesslau, G, FA, 1985-02-05 Brandon Whitney, G, FA, 1994-05-11 Miika Wiikman, G, FA, 1984-10-17 Ryan Bednard, G, Florida Panthers, 1997-03-31 Hugo Fagerblom, G, Florida Panthers, 1996-01-09 Harri Sateri, G, Florida Panthers, 1989-12-28 Calvin Petersen, G, Los Angeles Kings, 1994-10-19 Matt Villalta, G, Los Angeles Kings, 1999-06-03 Dereck Baribeau, G, Minnesota Wild, 1999-01-22 Johan Gustafsson, G, Minnesota Wild, 1992-02-28 Kaapo Kahkonen, G, Minnesota Wild, 1996-08-16 Ales Stezka, G, Minnesota Wild, 1997-01-06 Niklas Svedberg, G, Minnesota Wild, 1989-09-04 Hayden Hawkey, G, Montreal Canadiens, 1995-03-01 Cayden Primeau, G, Montreal Canadiens, 1999-08-11 Karel Vejmelka, G, Nashville Predators, 1996-05-25 Konstantin Volkov, G, Nashville Predators, 1997-09-20 Tomas Vomacka, G, Nashville Predators, 1999-05-02 Gilles Senn, G, New Jersey Devils, 1996-03-01 Linus Soderstrom, G, New York Islanders, 1996-08-23 Ilya Sorokin, G, New York Islanders, 1995-08-04 Alexander Georgiev, G, New York Rangers, 1996-02-10 Adam Huska, G, New York Rangers, 1997-05-12 Chris Nell, G, New York Rangers, 1994-09-02 Igor Shesterkin, G, New York Rangers, 1995-12-30 Tyler Wall, G, New York Rangers, 1998-01-14 Joel Daccord, G, Ottawa Senators, 1996-08-19 Jordan Hollett, G, Ottawa Senators, 1999-03-31 Danny Taylor, G, Ottawa Senators, 1986-04-28 Ivan Fedotov, G, Philadelphia Flyers, 1996-11-28 Felix Sandstrom, G, Philadelphia Flyers, 1997-01-12 Matej Tomek, G, Philadelphia Flyers, 1997-05-24 Kirill Ustimenko, G, Philadelphia Flyers, 1999-01-29 Casey DeSmith, G, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1991-08-13 Alex Dorio, G, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1999-04-28 Filip Gustavsson, G, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1998-06-07 Sean Maguire, G, Pittsburgh Penguins, 1993-02-02 Josef Korenar, G, San Jose Sharks, 1998-01-31 Jake Kupsky, G, San Jose Sharks, 1995-10-27 Mike Robinson, G, San Jose Sharks, 1997-03-27 Kristian Oldham, G, Tampa Bay Lightning, 1997-06-25 Kasimir Kaskisuo, G, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1993-10-02 Ian Scott, G, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1999-01-11 Joseph Woll, G, Toronto Maple Leafs, 1998-07-12 Thatcher Demko, G, Vancouver Canucks, 1995-12-08 Michael DiPietro, G, Vancouver Canucks, 1999-06-09 Oscar Dansk, G, Vegas Golden Knights, 1994-02-28 Dylan Ferguson, G, Vegas Golden Knights, 1998-09-20 Jiri Patera, G, Vegas Golden Knights, 1999-02-24 Maksim Zhukov, G, Vegas Golden Knights, 1999-07-22 Ilya Samsonov, G, Washington Capitals, 1997-02-22 Mikhail Berdin, G, Winnipeg Jets, 1998-03-01 Arvid Holm, G, Winnipeg Jets, 1998-11-03

    En fait, j'aimerais qu'on trouve une solution, parce que :

    1. T'es mon meilleur pour coter. 2. Je dois savoir comment régler ce problème de toute façon, car la même situation se reproduira dans le jeu. Faudrait trouver du temps un soir pour faire une série de tests.

    Est-ce que vous trouvez ça trop heavy à faire?

    Si oui, je peux essayer de générer des cotes temporaires à partir de NHL18, de stats et d'anciennes cotes.


    2 minutes ago, Shadowjoe said: Je ne sais pas si je suis le seul, mais oui j'ai le même problème, en installant la rustine en français ou en anglais.

    La version 64 bits ne s'installe pas du tout, je ne peux rien faire pour le moment. Je viens de désinstaller les versions, même problèmes

    Et si tu sauvegarde sur le bureau et exécute en tant qu'administrateur? (les fichiers OLE)

    Pittsburgh à nouveau disponible.

    Je crois que vous trouvez ça vraiment pénible coter (je vous comprends).

    Est-ce que vous trouvez ça trop heavy à faire?

    Si oui, je peux essayer de générer des cotes temporaires à partir de NHL18, de stats et d'anciennes cotes.

    Si vous avez des idées pour des événements aléatoires, laissez-vous aller.

    Les événements aléatoires dans HU17 seront réalistes et non pas humoristiques. Elles affecteront pas seulement les attributs et peuvent avoir des conséquences élaborées. Exemple, un décès d'un proche peut forcer un joueur à s'absenter. Un problème de visa de même. Veuillez simplement utiliser cette simple forme.Description de l'evénement: Décrire ici.

    Conséquences: Décrire quelles peuvent être les conséquences.

    Moi j'me fis sur les photos de Crosby et Chara, je vois que ce sont les mêmes que celles que j'ai ramassées l'an passé.

    Aussi ben attendre une semaine ou deux voir si ça va updater, j'ai un script astheure qui ramasse tout ça auto /emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" title=";)" width="20" />

    Les photos de staff par exemple, ça peut être fait dès maintenant s'il y a des intéressés.

    J'sais que c'est vraiment pas évident pour certains joueurs. Vous pouvez cliquer sur l'onglet stats aussi, vous y trouverez ses stats en carrière.

    Allez-y selon l'inspiration du moment. Comme je dis, je les retouche après.

    Vous pouvez aussi taper le chiffre directement pour l'attribut, pas besoin de cliquer les flèches comme le vieil éditeur lol

    Las Vegas libre finalement. Je comprends que c'est vraiment pas évident, alors si ça vous décourage, n'hésitez aps à me le dire /emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" title=";)" width="20" />

    Pour les photos, on va attendre un peu, je dois effectuer un balayage sauvegarder les nouvelles avec un script /emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" title=";)" width="20" />

    Les photos n'ont toujours pas été updatées sur les sites officiels. Gangstazz, si jamais tu réalises que l'update a été fait, peux-tu me faire signe? Je vais continuer à checker une fois de temps en temps /emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" title=";)" width="20" />

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