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    Are the questions related to the French Multiplayer game or the new Hockey Universe with the hot seat?

    Feels like it must related to the Multiplayer game as you are asking for a current release and HU has not been released yet.

    So French would be OK for you and your players?

    Hi donpaulo ,

    thanks for your interest in Hockey Universe.

    If I understand your project correctly HU Multiplayer would be your choice.

    You can download our games for a free trial if you want.

    Hockey Universe will come with an editor so you can edit all attributes about a player.

    The players are rated by us initially and then they evolve in your game. Since we do our own ratings, of course we are happy with it :-)

    If you have any additional questions, let us know.

    Bionic Salmon

    Hello everyone and merry christmas to all of you.

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    Enjoy and merry christmas

    Bionic Salmon

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