Old APBA league looking for new sim

  • Greetings hockey sim fans, I am a newbie here on the forums but have been enjoying sim hockey online about 20 years and was a Stratomatic fan for years before that. I am really excited to take a closer look at HU17. 18?

    We are a 20+ team APBA league simming for 15 years now. Over the past few seasons the APBA community has rated our own disk and put out a very good set of disks IMHO. The league is as strong as ever but the sim itself is dated and starting to show its age. We are now in the process of trying to narrow down our choices of sim software.

    I have some questions about moving our league over to the HU platform, that I hope someone can answer.

    One of the great things about APBA is that its abandonware and thus free to play. The manager app is really simple so Gms simply download the league files, open the roster app, adjust available players, lines, forechecking etc then send a 1K file to our central sim guy who runs all the games on a nightly basis.

    Does HU have a separate roster management tool or must every team purchase the software in order to participate ?

    How are the players rated ? Is it community based or does it comes from a central source ?

    Have you been happy with the ratings in the recent product ?

    Do you use real NHL player names ?

    Thanks so much everyone !


  • Get HU
  • Hi donpaulo ,

    thanks for your interest in Hockey Universe.

    If I understand your project correctly HU Multiplayer would be your choice.

    You can download our games for a free trial if you want.

    Hockey Universe will come with an editor so you can edit all attributes about a player.

    The players are rated by us initially and then they evolve in your game. Since we do our own ratings, of course we are happy with it :-)

    If you have any additional questions, let us know.

    Bionic Salmon

  • Thanks for post

    I have a question about how you run the ratings. Is it stat based, subjective or a combo of both ?

    Also our league braintrust put together this set of questions I hope you can answer

    Some questions I have for ANY new home for the CCHL:

    1) How is the technical support / customer service for this product?

    2) How current is the most recent release?

    3) Are we able to personalize the league with our team names, GM names, Rink names, colors, etc?

    4) Does it provide for deep prospect lists? Is that done via additional available "lower leagues" - (AHL, OHL, WHL, Europe, etc...)? OR is there simply a basic option to list prospects owned somehow?

    5) Does it provide for basic components of the CCHL? UFA bidding period, annual entry draft, etc...?

    6) Does the product feed all of its rosters, team info, game results, financials, drafts, Free Agency, playoffs, etc. into a user-friendly website?

    7) What are the "back-up" provisions to protect the details and history of the CCHL, should this provider go missing all of a sudden?

    8) What operating systems is it compatible with?

    9) Would the Commish's have controls over what player editing abilities the individual owners have access to?

    10) In your opinion, what are the top pros/cons about this product?

  • I am sorry, I think there has been some confusion here.

    We are offering a multiplayer game for online hosted league in French only. It is based on an old technology we developed in the past and available from the website.

    For the last year or so, we have been working on a new simulator, that will be available in French, English and German. At this point, it only has the local multiplayer option (hot seat). We definitely want to add the online league feature at one point, but we can't establish a timeframe for it at this time.

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