Hockey Universe 2017

  • Well at least your not hiding the fact your ripping people off Lol, good on you for that. Remember when I asked you for a refund and you said you were in Asia and it would be done when you got back? That was months ago lol.

  • Get HU
  • Nah bud nice Try, I’ve used PayPal 100 times dude, there was no money lol. And I wouldnt be tossing out to many jabs this way .... after all your the one taking money from people for a product that doesn’t exist and you’ve been doing it for a few years. And no problem, I’ll continue to be a frequent visitor so people know that your charging money for products they will not receive. At least not any time soon.

  • And here I thought this would be a boring evening. Sometimes most of the fun happens when you least expect it.

    Here are the Screens, but of course it is hard to proof something when you have to black out the Email address, so I will send them to you without the bars in a message.

    On December 27th 2016 (one year and seven months ago), you send USD 35 via Paypal to my account.

    On June 3rd, I sent the refund to you. Exactly as mentioned in our messages.

    This money was returned as you are not registered on Paypal.

    See the Screen of me sending the money, receiving it back and the explanation from Paypal.

    Everything is coming your way without the red bars as well :-)

  • #rhyblack1 Its funny how people are impatient and go crazy without checking their own stuff the joy of clientel services. I wish people like you checked their things before getting tilted and saying lies even if it wasnt intentional.

    Anyway i wanted to post to know if the game had any expected release date i am eager to play ever since i saw the screenshots of the new player abilities stats and design of the game 😀

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