Hockey Universe 2017

  • Looks like there has been a delay in your payment as we received your payment 15 months ago, not 24 months ago.

    Also, you have gotten the HU16 VIP license which by itself is already US50, so saying you got nothing is not really true.

    As we always said, the game is in the works, we are here, we are answering questions so things are moving along.

    Stay tuned in April for further news.

    Happy Saturday night

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  • Ok my apologies , 15 months ago...... and I haven't received anything bud. I haven't received a VIP package for anything..... No download email nothing to do with HU16, besides I paid for HU17 not 16 lol. I noticed nothing has been posted in the HU17 blog as well since late 2017 unless I've missed something.

    Listen I'm not one to bitch and moan about 35$ but in my opinion you shouldn't be charging people for a product that is nowhere near complete even a year and a half later. Consider it a donation at this point...

    Have a good evening.

  • You seem very unphased by the fact that people paid for a product that isn't actually available lol... I really hope you make it more Clear for consumers in the future what they're actually paying for, which is an older version of the game he/she actually wants.

  • You seem to be not clear on what we are doing here.

    You got the license to our new game which you have seen in the blog PLUS the license to HU16 which is an updated version of our game. So you see, instead of getting an older version of a game, everyone got the best of both worlds which is two games. The newest version of our existing game and the brand new version.

    I am unphased because of the support and understanding we got from everyone else.

    As you can see, we are not hiding or not answering questions that we are asked which everyone else appreciates. You have 9 posts and all of them are questioning things. You have a direct contact to us but prefer to write this in public so of course, I am defending the company and point out all the wrong things you post :-)

  • 2 games? I didn't receive anything lol, that's what I'm getting at. And if I'm not understanding what the deal is and what "you guys are trying to do" I apologize and ask that you please explain it to me.... all I know is I paid for a game that I was told was delayed in 2016(after purchase), which isn't a big deal it happens. We are now 1/4 way through 2018, with said game still not available. I don't think I posted anything wrong or inaccurate. I paid for a game that I have not yet received lol. I was just informed today that I do get the 2016 version of the game which is not what I actually paid for or wanted seeing I could have just purchased that one, but I guess it is something.

    I don't mind posting my issues in a public forum, if you have an issue with it feel free to email me. I'm just looking for clarity on what is going on with the game I paid for well over a year ago.

  • When you paid the US$ 35 back in December of 2016 it was for the bronze package. This included the HU16 VIP Version which was an updated Version of our game.

    I agree that you paid for a game that you did not receive. What I am trying to say is that we are working on it and we are always here to answer questions. So while the game is delayed your money is not lost. And as mentioned, in a couple of weeks you will get an update that will make you happy, trust me.

  • Sorry but me i haved got nothing about the game...And ''il is just 15 months''!? It is too long enough! Give us the game or give us ours money!!!

  • This game has been delayed for a long time and many people are getting impatient, have you considered releasing it as an early access? this way, gamers get there game and can send in bug reports they might find while you keep working on the game with a little bit less pressure, what do you think?

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