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  1. Bienvenue sur Bionic Salmon. Sentez-vous bien à l'aise de parcourir le forum et de connaître nos membres. Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à les poser.

  2. news

    Hello everyone, another month has past and a lot of things happened. The first thing everyone can notice is the developer blog we have created. This gives you an inside what is going on, where we stand and what's coming next. Second, we have made great progress with the game as you can see. The game is coming along nicely and we are proud as can be to have such a great game coming your way. Last, but most certainly not the least, thanks so much for all your positive comments to us. We received all your Email, private messages etc. and we are glad to have such a loyal and amazing customer base. We could not do it without you and your words of encouragement mean a lot to us. Until next time Bionic Salmon
  3. Did you save the text file in the correct format?
  4. It seems that some people have problems but we are not sure why or where they come from. Since this is a free program and we have not developed it any further we don't have a solution for this at the moment but we will look into it if time permits. Bionic Salmon
  5. nhl play offs

    So what do you guys think about this years Play Offs? Edmonton should have won yesterday but that did not happen so fingers crossed for the next game in Anaheim...
  6. @Patrick Dupont Thanks for your message. Stay tuned for updates which are coming this week so you can check on the progress and information about the release date. Bionic Salmon
  7. You need to extract it from the game files
  8. news

    Hello everyone, it is time for a new Update. As you all know, the development of Hockey Universe 2017 is moving forward. We are adding features, cleaning up graphics and are very excited about our upcoming game. Us being excited is one thing, but we want you to be excited as well. So starting next week we will post regular Updates about the game, its development and little things that help you understand our thought process while we create this game for you. A very special thank you goes to the people that support us with their trust and the participation in our pre-sale campaign. Your patience with us has been phenomenal and your understanding that a small company like ours lives based on your support means the world to us. You will see soon that this trust in us is justified. We hope that all of you have a great weekend and we will be back with news early next week. Bionic Salmon
  9. @Bill004 We are working hard on the release and will have regular updates coming soon. @galchenyukfan We appreciate your patience and you don't have to wait three years for the game. We are not building the Berlin airport after all :-) Thanks to all of your for your patience and support
  10. Sorry, I was out all week and will check on this asap.
  11. Thanks for your patience. We will have updates for you soon. Stay tuned :-)
  12. Can you also send me a Screen of your Regional Settings? Control Panel -> Regional Settings...
  13. Can you post the detailed error please?
  14. Can you update to the latest version please? And why do you have all these old ones installed? They are from 2005...
  15. Which Framework do you use?