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While everyone is enjoying the sun, summer is generally the busiest time of the year for me. For the last 10 years in the big summer heat, I have been creating new players, reviewing players attributes and updating stats. This summer is slightly different, as I also have a brand new game to deliver. So I did the minimum data job I could and it still took over a month to do so. In the upcoming weeks, I will ask some VIP members to contribute to attributes and other tasks that may slow me down.

So, much like a character from the late George A. Romero, I am now back from the dead and will post weekly updates of our upcoming game on this blog. I still have to invest a lot of time on the engine, but I can finally focus exclusively on it. Also, expect some changes on this forum soon enough.

I am dropping here some images of the data conversion.






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I see Nick Suzuki is listed as In the minors. I supposed it is because he signed a contract with Vegas. Though, is it going to be possible, in the new game, to send back to juniors any U-20 players who have already signed a contract, since it's pretty common in the NHL? Some sort of a contract slide, if you get what I mean.

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Indeed, it will be possible according to the current rules. During the offseason, players status are unclear, so players with contracts are automatically assigned the "In the minors" status, but once the season starts, you can have players with contract still with their junior team (along with the 10 games tryout rule).

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