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Make Hot Seat Great Again



20 years ago, a friend and I bought this goofy looking PC game named Gazillionaire from a bargain bin at Woolco. We became immediately hooked to this independant business simulator software. The engine was simple yet brillant, but what made it truly special to my eyes was this "Hot Seat" feature. Each turn, my friend, then me, made moves in order to conquer the galaxy. It was pretty much the ancestor of the infamous "Play By Email" feature and then became Online Multiplayer as we know it.

As I moved along with Hockey Universe 2017 developments, I had to withdraw some features due to time limitations (all the RPG elements, among other things). But we decided to keep the "Hot Seat" feature. With all the portable devices today, we thought that HU17 would be the perfect party game among hockey fans. And from there, depending on the game success, it will be fairly easy to convert the code into a completely online simulation game in the years to come.




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I love hotseat! On computers live online multiplayer will be nice too looking forward to it!

Also now that you show it on pictures with phones games now it will be really nice too with the full multiplayer in the future. You could receive a push notification if you want on your phone if you are playing on your phone to tell you its your turn that will be really fun I think!

It could also send you a notifications on phone if you are playing in a big group on computer just a suggestion ( even if full multiplayer is not now )

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