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16 years later...



May 2002:

I leave a good job in the CGI industry to create this game idea I have in mind, a hockey simulator. Following some tv appearances, I sell a first version of the game on the road, burning cds and meeting customers one on one. Another version of the game is launched in PC magazines. Then, I went away for a few years, before coming back with a new free French version.

Quickly, the community is growing. Our games gain in popularity and we enjoy a "succès d'estime". We then go back commercial, in both English and French, cover all seasons from 1980, develop a Multiplayer version of it. I met partners and investors that are still my friends to this day. Company is sold, bought by a gentle German giant named Christian and the adventure continues.

Here I am, 16 years later, standing in front of my computer, trying to think about functions that never appeared in any simulation games. A little bit behind of schedule as always, feeling the pressure at the back of my neck. This is the best feeling ever. I wouldn't trade my place with anyone. Hockey Universe 2017 will be the definitive version of what I had in mind. I still have lonbg hours to invest in it, but I am making sure the 2002 version of me would be proud of it.

I now invite you to follow our last steps to the release on this blog. It will have a personal vibe to it, as we get closer and closer to...something special let's hope. Thanks for being there.



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