Deadlines or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the clock

Deadlines, deadlines.

I used to respect them back in the days. But did I ever set deadlines for myself back in 2005? I remember I was coding a free game for a growing French community and members were testing new functions as we went along. I published 19 different versions of this game called GM Hockey Renaissance. I respected the deadline for GM Hockey 2009. Totally busted the one on Destinée Hockey. Yeah, that's where it started.

But Hockey Universe 2017 breaks all records. Struggling to finance it, before a gentle German giant joined me in this adventure. The new game was put on the ice for years, we worked on improving past titles, created a racing simulator, a new multiplayer hockey game and even considered a TV broadcasting sim and a mobile puzzle game along the way. We then decided to come back to our baby, learning new programming languages and strating from scratch.

The delay is not a matter of a lack of effort. Think about it: I have been working every day of my life for the past 12 years. Let this sink in. I wake up, make some coffee and code. Nobody is forcing me to do so (actually, it did concern my partners over the years). But waking up every morning and be part of a creation process is a blessing. And actually, it is not the whole truth. I do take a few days here and there for Christmas and for maybe a weekend during the summer, so secretly sert an appointment with my psychiatrist already.

This game is coming out, ready for the next season. My partner doesn't allow me to mention a date, because he is aware that I have a twisted relation with deadlines. So my friends, I am proud to tell you that Hockey Universe 2017 will be released one day.

*Because I know most of you don't care about my articles and only want to see new game pictures at the bottom of them, here is a picture of a potato.

About us

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