A first look at the editor

As far as I can remember, I always provided my titles with a built in editor (except for that obscure boxing sim I coded in 2004 that only sold well...in Japan?!). I love the idea of users creating and editing their own players and teams. However, there were always limitations regarding the amount of teams, league names and divisions due to my lack of vision during the initial steps of conception.

This time, I decided to improve this aspect of the game. While it is not the perfect (you can create leagues from 20 to 32 teams), it will provide users with greater liberty in order to create custom games. League name, logo, as well as division titles can all be edited, but the best part comes from the "Edit Team" function, where user are able to alter multiple information. While no expansion draft feature is planned for this 1st release, 150 cities are available to the player for teams and custom logos have been created as well, to help you design the team you have in mind.

Editor screenshots:

And some of our team logos

About us

Bionic Salmon ® was founded in June 2014 because we wanted to bring something to the players that we thought was not available. Great games for a decent price. We want to develop these games with our customers, not just for them, so we have an open ear and we listen to our customers. With years and years of playing experience it was time to finally do something about the things we thought todays games are lacking. Thanks for being a part of our journey and for making our dream come true.