16 years later...

May 2002:

I leave a good job in the CGI industry to create this game idea I have in mind, a hockey simulator. Following some tv appearances, I sell a first version of the game on the road, burning cds and meeting customers one on one. Another version of the game is launched in PC magazines. Then, I went away for a few years, before coming back with a new free French version.

Quickly, the community is growing. Our games gain in popularity and we enjoy a "succès d'estime". We then go back commercial, in both English and French, cover all seasons from 1980, develop a Multiplayer version of it. I met partners and investors that are still my friends to this day. Company is sold, bought by a gentle German giant named Christian and the adventure continues.

Here I am, 16 years later, standing in front of my computer, trying to think about functions that never appeared in any simulation games. A little bit behind of schedule as always, feeling the pressure at the back of my neck. This is the best feeling ever. I wouldn't trade my place with anyone. Hockey Universe 2017 will be the definitive version of what I had in mind. I still have lonbg hours to invest in it, but I am making sure the 2002 version of me would be proud of it.

I now invite you to follow our last steps to the release on this blog. It will have a personal vibe to it, as we get closer and closer to...something special let's hope. Thanks for being there.

About us

Bionic Salmon ® was founded in June 2014 because we wanted to bring something to the players that we thought was not available. Great games for a decent price. We want to develop these games with our customers, not just for them, so we have an open ear and we listen to our customers. With years and years of playing experience it was time to finally do something about the things we thought todays games are lacking. Thanks for being a part of our journey and for making our dream come true.